10 Important Uses of a Pocket Multitool

From a household tool to a survival gear essential – pocket multitools have many uses. They’re lightweight, easy to carry and provide a variety of tools that help in everyday life situations. These modern tools have come a long way thanks to many technical improvements.

Whether you’re an outdoorsy type that loves going on adventures or someone that does DIYs around the house, you can find multi-function tools that offer something for everyone. They come in a sturdy and durable stainless-steel construction that fits in your back pocket. Depending on your needs, they range from simple screwdriver kits to more complex designs that contain up to 21 separate tools.

But what is the purpose of a pocket multitool? Although these everyday tools have limitless possibilities, below are 10 of their most popular uses.

Cut Ropes and Wires
Source: gearjunkie.com

1. Cut Ropes and Wires

These tools are ideal when you need to work with wires. The tool’s needle-nose pliers are perfect for this job; they’re ideal for gripping, bending, and/or shaping a wire to whatever you want. The pliers are ideal for any of your DIY wire projects.

Cutting rope, wire, string, or other similar materials is another, more typical use for the multitool. The majority of designs include wire cutters, a regular knife, and a serrated knife. Getting one of them for your arsenal ensures that you won’t waste time searching for wire cutters every time you’re fixing something.

2. Sharpen Knives/Smooth Out Metal and Wood

Have you ever been bothered by the rough wood or metal after finishing a project? Do you have little wood splinters in your house that you want to get rid of? A quality multitool will help you file it down in minutes. The majority of these tools include a hard enough file that can even sharpen blades. A good knife sharpener is useful in the kitchen, outdoors, and everywhere in between.

3. Tighten Screws

Tightening and loosening screws is a common application for the well-known multitool. The screwdriver feature is incredibly useful for fixing household appliances, installing shelves, etc. Having a screwdriver around is always a good idea, whether it’s to fasten your eyewear or assist with a building job. Despite the screwdriver being little, your torque gives it the most power.

Open Cans and Bottles
Source: premeditatedsurvival.com

4. Open Cans and Bottles

Think about this scenario – you’re out camping and all you have is canned food. However, you forgot to scratch the can opener off of your packing list. If you’re carrying around your multi-purpose tool, you have nothing to worry about. This way you’ll always have a can opener with you. 
Even better, this tool will also assist you when you have a beer that you need to open. Whether you’re in the kitchen or out in the wild, the multi-purpose tool will assist you with the majority of your opening demands.

5. Create Shelter

Apart from their everyday applications, multi-function tools are also excellent survival tools. Shelter, water, fire, and food—in that order—are the top priorities in a survival situation according to survival instructors. No matter where you get lost, having a saw, a knife, and a set of pliers with you at all times is enough to improvise a shelter.

6. Start a Fire

A lighter and a pack of matches are essentials for any camping trip. However, even if you forget to pack them, you’ll be all set for starting a fire as long as you have a multi-purpose tool with you. 
Even when the woods are wet, your multi-tool makes the ideal hitting surface for a ferrocerium fire starter. And to make things easier, the knife and saw help you gather dry wood and create shavings for tinder. Some tools even include a built-in ferrocerium rod/whistle.

7. Signal for Help

Certain designs of multi-purpose tools include a signal whistle that helps rescuers locate you even if you are immobile or hidden by a thick cover. If you get lost in the wild, another thing that you can do is to light a signal fire or etch words into tree bark to alert rescuers to your location.

Signal for Help
Source: leatherman.com

8. Create a Fish Hook

Are you running short of fishing supplies? If so, there’s no need to worry, as multi-purpose tools will help you improvise! With the help of your pliers and a file, you can convert the tab from a soda can, a piece of sturdy wire, or practically any other soft metal into a fishing hook. Is anyone up for a fish fry?

9. Perform First Aid

Small medical issues quickly develop into major issues if you’re not prepared. In these situations, it’s helpful to know the basics of first aid. 
There are many uses for your multi-tool that assist you in bridging the gap between field care and final treatment. Cutting off clothing to assess wounds and prepare bandages, plucking splinters, porcupine quills, removing a fish hook from a hand, and cutting tape and gauze are examples of common first aid procedures.

10. Get Out of a Drowning Vehicle

One of the scariest situations to be in is inside an automobile that’s quickly drowning in water. You’ll be equipped to face this dangerous situation by keeping a multitool in your car.

To cut through your seat belt, use the strap cutter. Take a firm hold of your tool, lean back, break your side glass (hydraulic pressure makes it hard to unlock your door), then hold your breath and swim to the surface.
Equip yourself with a high-quality multitool for sale and tackle any challenge that life throws at you!