5 Important Features of a Handbag

Ladies, is your handbag the most important accessory you don’t leave the house without, or what? I am not the kind of person that owns an entire collection of handbags in the closet; I have few good pieces in which I invested a considerable amount of attention and money. But just like any other woman, when I see the ladies handbags sale sign, I instantly want to spend all my money on a handbag shopping spree. I am a woman and I can’t resist a good ladies handbags sale – there, I said it. However, just because it’s a sale, it doesn’t mean you should go and pick whatever you lay your eyes on and whatever has a cheaper price tag; there are criteria to be followed.


First and most important, the size

This one can be analyzed from two perspectives: what type of woman you are, and for what occasion are you getting the bag. If you’re the type of woman who does not enjoy clubbing much but prefers to sit in a cafe then you won’t benefit much from a clutch (unless of course, all you carry with you are keys, money, phone and lipstick). A large handbag with enough space for all the small things, a cardigan or a scarf, a bottle of water, small makeup kit and other necessities will best fit you.

Material deserves a lot of attention.

I think there’s nothing worse than seeing a woman wearing a summer woven handbag in bright colours in the middle of winter. No sister, your excuse that the handbag is the right size and all, simply doesn’t hold water; you can’t wear it in winter. End of story. Winter handbags should be made of leather, velvet or suede or any other winter material that’s strong and looks warm.


Opposite to what you may have heard, getting a yellow neon handbag for any season is just wrong, unless you’re a 15 year old teenager whose half wardrobe is in all shades of pink and the other half in all other possible neon colours. As a grown woman, the handbag colours you should be considering include black, brown, beige and eventually red, or something that will fit more than one clothing piece in your wardrobe. Again, avoid neon colours no matter how cute the bag looks!


This largely depends on your style and preferences; are you a long, over-the-shoulder strap kind of woman or you are more like a hand-held purse type? Or maybe, you like to have more options available? If this is the case, look for handbags that have an extra strap inside besides the regular ones for holding the bag in your hands. And make sure the strap is strong enough and has a mechanism for regulating the length.

Details, details, details!

I mean pockets, embellishments and closures, simply because not all handbags have these elements. You could choose a pocket tote handbag if you need more storage and easy access to stuff in your handbag; we all know how hard it is to find something in a women ‘s handbag. And, only if your style dictates, a bag with embellishments like spikes, studs, crystals and similar. Also, pay attention to closures; some consumers simply don’t like designs with zippers, and choose something with magnet snaps or a loop and button design.