5 Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Skateboard

Skateboarding is a great activity that can help children and adults stay active and develop different physical skills. It is also the perfect way to improve balance and coordination; plus, it is a great form of exercise and is a lot of fun as well. Like every other sport, skateboarding can’t be mastered over night. However, with a little dedication, practice, and of course the right skateboard, you can certainly become a pro in skateboarding. Nowadays, skateboards come with advanced features and a wide range of models are available in different colours, designs, materials, etc.

Online Skate Shop

With so many options available, finding the perfect model can be quite a challenge and going trough different stores can be really time-consuming. So to get a better understanding of the different options, browsing the Internet for a reputable online skate shop is a great idea. In order to get familiar with the amazing world of skateboarding and choose the perfect model, here are the 5 most important things you should consider.

Find the right type of skateboard

There are different types of skateboards and each model has different advantages. The traditional cruiser model is great for urban skating, it is very simple to control and is specifically designed for performing different tricks. Longboards are a great option as well with their advanced design which is perfect for cruising.

Choose a practical skateboard deck

Different skateboard decks are made from different types of material. Skateboards made form maple wood are the best option since they have highly durable features and provide a lot of support and stability. Another factor to consider is whether the desk is cold glued or warm glued. This makes all the difference as warm glueing is a much faster process while cold glueing is stronger and provides better quality.

The quality of the wheels is essential

When it comes to the quality of the wheels there are two basic things to consider – the size and the hardness. Big wheels are designed to provide more speed while skateboarding, while smaller wheels are perfect for casual street skating. Furthermore, wheels with less hardnes are very practical and provide a lot of comfort. Hard wheels on the other hand, are faster and more durable.

Consider different skateboard trucks

Skateboard trucks are made from some type of metal, usually aluminium. Different trucks have different features; the heavy models are very durable and provide a high level of stability, while the light trucks are perfect for performing various tricks.

Pick efficient skateboard bearings

It is important to choose high-quality bearings for your skateboard. The material and the precision (ABEC) usually determine the quality and efficiency of the bearings. Most bearings are manufactured from steel which makes them very durable. There are two basic types available: open and sealed. Open bearings are easy to clean and spin fast, while sealed bearings are very resistant and require little maintenance.

There are indeed many factors that influence the quality and efficiency of a skateboard. Between different designs and materials, factors like construction and price can vary from one online skate shop to another. So to make the best choice, browse and find the model that will best fit your own individual requirements.