5 Stylish Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

It takes skill to know how to make a small bathroom appear larger, and if your decorating ideas don’t fit the dimensions of your room, you are not alone. Small bathrooms are a challenge that many people face, whether they own their own home or rent an apartment.

Of course, you can have the area redone, but that can be costly and take longer as well. Fortunately, you can easily and affordably make your space appear and feel larger by using a variety of smart design tricks.

Install Semi-Recessed Basins

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Whenever a small bathroom screams for going larger, opt for a stylish semi-recessed basin in a smooth, rectangular shape. It will not only maximise your space but will make it more functional as well.

Giving you some extra storage as well as a contemporary and stylish look, the semi-recessed basins sit halfway between a countertop basin and a vanity unit with a fully sunken basin. It rests on top of a unit, but it doesn’t completely fit inside the countertop; instead, it protrudes or hangs over the front.

Moreover, its design flexibility and easy fit make it the perfect choice for those homeowners who enjoy a fitted bathroom look.

Although the rectangular style is our top choice, semi-recessed models can nowadays be found in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, a rounded basin will give your bathroom the contemporary and practical look you have been dreaming of.

Classic styles, on the other hand, come with more traditional styling such as angled edges and decorative grooves. On the other hand, with its distinctive, clean lines, the square basin will add a modern touch to any space and turn it into a sleek and contemporary retreat. Whichever style you choose, keep in mind to complement it with the appropriate basin mixers and wastes.

Also, when you want a truly clean finish, installing a semi-recessed basin into your selected countertop effectively can be challenging. To achieve the finest results and ensure that everything is linked correctly and safely, it is always preferable to hire a professional plumber to install it!

Add Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

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Mirror décor is a must when making small bathrooms appear larger. Think of full-size mirrors that span from wall to wall, or from floor to ceiling.

By filling the room and producing an optical illusion with its reflections, using large mirrors above the vanity can give the room a high appearance. But make sure the background in the mirror has enough space to reflect it.

Additionally, you can put up a decorative pendant lamp in front of a mirror because doing so will allow the mirror to reflect light into the space. This increases your room’s general brightness, giving the impression that it is larger.

Installing a wall of mirror tiles can instantly increase the size of your space and reflect the light if you don’t mind wandering about your bathroom and seeing your reflection—admittedly, which is not for everyone. To make your restroom more charming, choose antique-style mirrors instead of plain ones.

Go for Bold Wallpapers

Finding the right paint colour does maximise the space, but a bold bathroom wallpaper will make your tiny bathroom look more appealing! If you want to bring your favourite tropical destination to your bathroom opt for jungle bathroom wallpaper themes in bold colours that will suggest an island breeze while expanding your space.

Your travel-themed restroom can also serve as a reminder of wonderful locations like New York, Rome, Paris, Moscow, and more. The main point is to have fun and step outside of your comfort zone. What you’ll get in return is a bold and beautiful compact bathroom that will make you feel uplifted, energised, and ready to start the day!

Incorporating mirrors to bring in natural lights is great if your bathroom allows it. However, in windowless spaces adding wallpaper in a pop of colours will make it larger. And, if you like to make it deeper besides larger, find bright wallpapers that feature different sizes of butterflies or flowers.

Going bold on the walls and even the ceiling, especially if your bathroom serves as a powder room, will make a big impact. Another trick to increase the impact of the wallpaper is to change the colour of the trim to contrast or complement it.

For a surprising twist, add a busy wallpaper on your plain white walls. Lively, young, bold, or melancholy, it allows you to choose how to make it. Besides adding personality, it may also educate visitors each time they freshen up.

Smaller bathrooms and powder rooms are ideal locations for some pattern play. An autumnal colour scheme mixes well with dark gold pendant light and metal appliances. The wallpaper’s strong autumn designs will contrast with harsh surfaces like tile and stone and offer a flair to a practical area.

Play with the Tiles

You can successfully combine different tile designs to create an intriguing scheme while keeping things simple. Think about pairing marble with white subway tiles. On paper, it might seem as though it shouldn’t work, but in practice, it does. White paint will bring it all together.

A fresh coat of paint can quickly revitalize a bathroom by bringing in more light. Use lighter tile hues since it reflects light better and quickly brighten the space. Darker, more matte tile finishes absorb light and give your bathroom a darker, moodier look.

Keep the Dark Shades on the Floor

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As long as you keep the ceilings and fixtures white, you can keep the dark hues on the floor. For reaching harmony in small bathrooms search for flooring solutions that offer texture, like richly coloured wood or vinyl flooring, and pair it with antique furnishings to keep the area from feeling cold. To maximize the views and make the installation of the waste pipes considerably simpler, consider building a raised platform.