6 Tips to Look Your Best on a Special Occasion

Are you excited to get ready for an upcoming special occasion but have no idea what to wear? Perhaps you want to brush up on the styling basics and as you know, keeping it classy is always a safe choice. That being said, this post consists of tips in regards to how to wear what looks good on you, while keeping it elegant, and also comfortable.

Make Sure You Have Special Dresses for Occasions

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Every woman needs to have at least two designated dresses for special occasions. This is a crucial piece to add to your closet because it will save you time and stress when you have anything come up unexpectedly. Choose one in a timeless shade or pattern, like black (which isn’t a colour but you get the idea).

In addition to being an appropriate shade for most formal occasions, black is also less attention-seeking than bright colours, so it has that calming reassuring effect that happens to boost people’s confidence. However, if you have a certain colour in mind (like green for redheads or baby blue for blondes), by all means, purchase one in that hue; it will do wonders for your self-assurance during the evening.

Another thing to consider is to choose dresses for occasions made of quality materials. Fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere, Pima cotton and similar will guarantee your dresses last for years to come. In addition, these fabrics have a more sophisticated look and will add to your formal outfit.

Be Smart with Your Accessories

When planning an outfit for a formal event, stylish accessorising is one of the most crucial factors. That’s why it’s not a good idea to flaunt your wealth by donning garish accessories. Choose instead a style that is understated and timeless. For a wedding, for instance, a sparkling accessory could be the perfect finishing touch to your dress. A pair of timeless diamond studs (or imitations) are a wardrobe essential. They shimmer subtly and complement both business clothes and jeans.

Combine Different Colours (Without Going Overboard)

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When choosing your outfit for a special occasion, it’s crucial to keep in mind that less is often more. Avoid wearing too many bold colours or busy patterns, and instead opt for tried-and-true cuts you know flatter your figure. Having said that, don’t be scared to play around with your appearance. After all, this is a special event. Whatever you decide, be sure it’s something that makes you feel strong in yourself. However, as a rule of thumb when creating an outfit, try to limit yourself to no more than three primary colours. There are many colour wheel charts available online that can help you determine which colour combinations work effectively.

Your Hairstyle Is the Crowning Touch for Your Evening Look

The best outfit can take hours to find, but most of the time we just throw our hair up. It’s sometimes worth the time to find the right haircut to go with your outfit’s neckline. Here are some styling tips according to the experts: Having your hair in an open bun goes great with tops that don’t have straps or have spaghetti straps that make a heart shape at the cleavage. Also, because the neckline is fancy, hair should be kept simple and swept back.

Another great way to use sharp lines is with a high collar. There are two options here: Sleek with a low, tight ponytail for a model-like, business-like look or a feminine braid for a less sharp and more “pretty” look. Then you can also go with the “funky” beauty of a cowl neck, which looks great with a French Twist. It’s not too bright to go with the top, and the hair stays out of the way of the fabric’s details and bulk.

Set Aside Time for Self Care

Every woman knows that what she wears is only half of the story. That’s why getting ready for a special event is good for you in so many ways. Here are some ideas… Get a massage. Even better, spend a little extra and get a 90-minute massage. Get your manicure and pedicure treatment at the local saloon and while you’re sitting there, put on your favourite music or programme and let yourself drift off. You should get a massage at that fancy place you see every day and want to go inside but don’t. Get a blowout, and if they give an extra ten minutes of massage for your head, take it. Spend extra on quality skincare items that will help your makeup last longer.

The Right Shoes Tie the Outfit Together

When dressing for a formal event, the shoes you wear are just as crucial as the rest of your wardrobe. Make sure they are the same colour and design. Heels are preferable to flats if you plan on wearing a dress or skirt. Your legs will appear longer, and you’ll gain a few inches in height thanks to these.

Just take our word for it; it’s important. Even if you’re trying for a more laid-back style, it’s important to give your footwear the care and attention it deserves. New or well-maintained sneakers are OK, but worn-in sneakers will make you look sloppy. Invest in a new pair or spend the time polishing the ones you have. It’s worthwhile.

Last but not least, when in doubt as to what to wear, lean on the side of caution and go for a more formal attire. Overdressing at a formal event is better than underdressing. With these suggestions in mind, you’ll be sure to look your best.