8 Essential Wardrobe Pieces for Your Kids

Your child’s clothing essentials vary depending on their age and how busy your family is. With unpredictable but frequent baby spills and other accidents, newborns need to have many of the same clothes to change into. Toddlers, on the other hand, need more variety than quantity in their wardrobes.

School-age kids spend the most time outdoors and need all types of kids’ clothes — from jackets to sneakers, sunglasses and hats. With a growing child at home, the minimalist concept is not the best idea, especially if you’re a busy parent who doesn’t want to spend their days washing clothes all the time.

So, what are the must-have essentials for a fast-growing toddler?

1. Underwear

It goes without saying that you should pick soft fabrics that are kind to your child’s skin. Soft, comfortable, moisture-absorbing cotton is the best underwear fabric. This is because cotton is breathable and wicks away moisture, making it perfect for underwear, as well as nappies. If you can’t find cotton underwear, look at least for underwear with a cotton lining or a cotton crotch. Size-wise, make sure it fits just right, but if you have no choice, it’s better if it’s a bit on the looser end than for them to feel tight.

2. Pajamas

For us to fall asleep, our core body temperature has to drop, so don’t overdress your toddler. Of course, you also don’t want them to be cold. Every day, toddlers need about 12 to 14 hours of sleep. If you’re worried that your toddler isn’t getting enough sleep, there’s an easy way to help them get a better night’s rest: put them in comfortable merino wool footed pajamas and see the magic happen.

Along with a good bedtime routine, a comfortable pair of footed fleece blanket sleepers or light cotton pyjamas can positively affect how well your toddler sleeps. But if you want to truly make a difference in your little one’s rest, you need to get the softest and most natural merino wool footed pajamas made from pure organically certified merino wool in knitted, boiled and wool fleece styles.

merino wool footed pajamas
Source: littlespruceorganics.com

Although it’s thought of as an itchy fabric, the opposite is actually true. In addition to being incredible soft to the skin, it’s also stretchy, soothing, hypoallergenic, breathable, and thermoregulating. In short, anything you could wish for in organic kids pyjamas to ensure your little one’s slumber is well taken care of.

3. Cute and Functional T-Shirts

There aren’t enough cute and useful t-shirts in a toddler’s closet. You can’t go wrong with organic cotton T-shirts for your child during the warmer months. Organic cotton clothes for babies are soft and gentle on their sensitive skin, and they also let air in. Also, make sure your toddler has a few long-sleeved shirts for the winter. The best ones are made of wool, polyester, or other materials that wick away moisture. You can use them as the first layer in a winter outfit for your toddler.

4. Training Pants

Has your child been giving you a lot of signs that she wants to start using the potty? If so, now is a good time to buy potty training pants for toddlers to help her get dressed for success. Even though potty training can be scary, the right training pants can make the move from diapers to underwear a lot easier. For the first few weeks of potty training, it’s best to start with waterproof training pants before switching to all-cloth styles.

5. Pull-On Leggings and Pants

Also, try to stay away from pants for toddlers that have snaps or a lot of buttons. Instead, look for pants and leggings with stretchy, elastic waistbands. These are easy to put on and take off, which will make it much easier for you to dress a busy toddler. It will also be easier for your toddler once they learn how to dress. Best of all, toddler pants and leggings can be worn for many different events and times of the year. For instance, you can dress up toddler girl leggings by putting them under a cute skirt, or you can keep it simple for playtime with a comfy t-shirt.

pull on baby leggings

6. Shorts and skirts

Make sure you have a few pairs of shorts and/or skirts for your toddler’s summer wardrobe when the weather gets warmer. While in the comfort of their home, there’s nothing wrong with letting them run around unclothed (during summer) or in their merino wool footed pajamas (during winter). However, keep in mind you’ll need to dress them for summer barbeques, trips to the park, and walks around the neighbourhood.

7. Outerwear

Your child needs at least one waterproof jacket no matter where you live. If you live in a place where it gets cold, you might want to buy a snowsuit that fits well. Toddlers’ heads are especially sensitive to cold, so be sure to stock up on hats for babies and toddlers. Don’t forget to bring their scarves, gloves, and waterproof boots.

8. One or two good pairs of shoes

Toddlers don’t have to wear shoes unless they need to because of where they are. Pediatric doctors say that letting your child go barefoot as much as possible is good for their feet. Still, your toddler will need at least one or two pairs of shoes that fit well in case they want to walk outside. Don’t give in to the urge to buy a size up because their feet are growing so fast! Your child is learning to walk, run, and keep his or her balance. They need as much help and support as they can get.