A Simple Guide to Diaper Bags: Important Features to Consider

Pregnancy is a time of change. Your body will experience some degree of transformation – from your hormones to your weight, the size of your breast and the state of your skin. But your new role will also require you to change many things about your style. You will need to switch your skinny jeans with looser and more breathable pants and your spaghetti tops with nursing clothes that allow you to feed your baby discreetly. And you will also need to replace your cute little handbag with a more spacious diaper bag.

Once you become a mum, your new best friend will be your nappy bag. Whatever motherhood throws your way – from dirty diapers, soaked onesies, puke, rashes and sudden hunger pangs – your new bag can come to the rescue. Here’s how to choose one that will meet yours and your baby’s needs.


Look for Ample Storage

There are many things that a baby needs 24/7 – from food to changing supplies. And then, there are also the things you yourself will need. For that reason, the capacity to carry around dozens of things is an important feature you should look for when exploring the range of diaper bags. Look for a design that has a lot of interior and exterior pockets. The bag should be able to open widely and feature many separate organizational pockets on the inside. You will notice how important this is when you’re changing your baby’s nappy and need to reach the cream with one hand while securing your baby from falling over with the other.

You might also want to look for a bag with a lightly coloured interior for better visibility. Trying to find something in bags with dark lining can feel like going through a black hole. Waterproof compartments will come in handy for items that can leak such as bottles and nappies. Some bags also include an insulated bottle carrier to keep your baby’s milk warm. Also, look for zipped pockets that are strategically placed on the exterior to give you instant access to your cellphone, wallet keys and other commonly used items. While more storage is certainly useful, beware of purchasing a bag that’s too big as it can be heavy and bulky to carry.


Consider the Design

But just because you need a functional diaper bag, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want it to be stylish too. Besides your baby, the other noticeable thing about you will be your huge bag. So, why not choose one that will make a fashion statement? There are designs that resemble chic tote bags which can complement your cute outfits. And many of them come with a removable messenger strap that you can attach if you want to free your hands for increased convenience.

If you are an urban type of girl, becoming a mum doesn’t mean your outfits need to become serious and formal. In fact, there are many cool backpacks just for mums that love dressing in a stylish urban way. Additionally, a backpack is very practical as it keeps your hands free and won’t get in the way when you want to hold your baby.

All things considered, your style is personal, so always chose a nappy bag that can best complement it. But also keep in mind that it will get dirty quite often. It’s recommended that the bag’s material is low-maintenance and stain-resistant. Diaper bags made from wipeable and washable fabrics will be easier to keep clean.

Features That Offer Comfort & Convenience

You’re going to be carrying the nappy bag everywhere for the first couple of years, so making sure it’s comfortable to wear is essential. With that being said, look for padded straps and handles that won’t rub against your shoulders and arms. Also, make sure that the straps and handles are adjustable so you can easily wear your bag with different types of coats or give it over to your partner.

Of course, the bag will feel the most comfortable when you don’t have to wear it. If you want to take the load off your shoulders, look for a design that has special hooks or straps allowing you to hang the bag off the pram’s handlebars. However, you won’t be able to attach a heavier bag to the handlebars as it can tip the pram over. In that case, it’s much better to opt for a flexible design that can be easily squeezed in the pram’s storage basket.


What to Pack in a Diaper Bag?

But preparing for your baby’s arrival doesn’t stop with finding the perfect bag. You will also need to stock on supplies that you’re going to pack in the bag. Obviously, you will need a good supply of diapers. Bring along an extra diaper for every hour that you’re going to be out. A pack of wipes will help you clean up your baby’s bum as well as the changing pad if you’re using a public restroom for the diaper change. To moisturize your baby’s bum, bring along a baby cream or ointment in a travel-sized container. This way, you get to save some of the limited space in your bag.

Some bags can come with a changing pad. If yours doesn’t, make sure to get one that’s large enough. You will also want to bring some hand sanitiser with you to clean your hands after diaper changes and before feedings. And since babies are curious and will want to touch everything they get their hands on, you may want to clean their hands with sanitiser from time to time when you’re out.

Other items you need to bring along with you are a bottle of water, snacks and toys to keep the little one occupied. And always pack a change of clothes and a blanket when leaving the house. You never know when an accident can happen or if it gets chilly.