Airflow Meter: Importance And Uses

Working with the right pieces of equipment is of the utmost importance for the smooth performance and completion of all tasks, and of obtaining the maximum results. Particularly when it comes to industrial processes, when precise and accurate work is a must.


Each industry requires an apparel of industrial tools and equipment for processing the work tasks successfully. The truth is, many of these tools are frequently used in various industries, thanks to their exceptional versatility and optimum performance they provide. One of such tools is the airflow meter.

As the name of this tool implies, the airflow meter is a device specially designed to measure the flow of air through a tube or pipe. In other words, this tech-device measures the mass of air and not the volume of air passing through the tube per unit time. The mass-air-flow measurement unit is kilogram per second (kg/s).

As previously mentioned, airflow meters are one of the most prevalent industrial tools on the market and they come in a range of features and settings, so that they can fit different purposes. Here are its most significant features and functions.

  • Measure Consumption – One of the airflow meter’s primary function is to accurately measure the consumption of gas in the pipe. This is very important to determine the exact application, and automatically the use of this versatile device.
  • Speed Of The Flow – An airflow meter does not only measure the mass of air flowing through the tube, but the speed as well. By calculating the exact amount of gas being present in the tube, this device provides the user with the information about the speed of the flow.
  • Computer Connection– Since airflow meters come in cutting-edge editions, offering various state-of-the-art options for users, most of these devices allow computer-system connection. This special feature makes it much easier for the user to understand the calculations and to obtain the most accurate results. Hence, airflow settings and changes are indicated via indicator lights, so when the flow of air is lower or higher than normal levels, warning lights start flashing, informing the user that immediate airflow-adjustment is needed.

Today, airflow meters are mostly used in the automotive industry, where their main function is to measure the amount of air going into the internal combustion engine. According to HelloWebz, all diesel engines use this special device, as this is the only way to determine the exact air intake for this type of engine.

The airflow meter plays an important role in manufacturing processes too. It is used to monitor the “combustion air” – preheated air to boiler fuel before fuel ignition.