Ariat Western Footwear: Where Comfort Meets Style

Our legs and feet are the most active parts of our bodies. We use them to move around and get to certain places, and with this being said, it’s obvious that caring for our feet is a must-do task. Now, foot creams and pedicures do fall into this category, but it’s the footwear that matters most. Before we step outside, we always put a pair of shoes on, meaning that they are responsible for our feet throughout the whole day. So, investing in good shoes will definitely do you a huge favor.

Most recently, western footwear has been very sought after because of the quality and comfort that come along with it. A very popular brand that has surely proven to sell both stylish and comfy western shoes is Ariat. Ariat is a company that has been founded in the year 1993 and since then it has been providing us with innovative shoes and clothing of amazing quality. Whether you will be needing chic shoes to complete your western cowboy look or if you want a pair for a more conventional day on the ranch or at the farm, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Ariat. Right below you can read about the many types of Ariat western boots you can choose from.

A Variety of Boot Styles by Ariat

Boot Styles
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A question that might be lingering here is – Are Ariat boots worth the money? The answer is a million times yes! You can even check out a large number of positive customer reviews of the company or you could get a pair and see for yourself that you will not be let down.
Ariat has been around for a total of three decades now, and each year they have managed to manufacture all sorts of remarkable western-styled boots. Here are a few of the main types of styles:

Traditional Western Boots

This kind is also known as the original cowboy style you have probably seen in the movies and it is of the most popular Ariat western boot styles you can get to ensure a full-on chic cowboy look. It was primarily made for horse riding since cowboys mainly used horses to get through certain destinations. As such, they are perfect for providing total protection of the foot while allowing it to move freely and comfortably.

Traditional Western Boots
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The main features of this shoe are a high shaft that can go up to the calf, a higher heel to ensure stability while riding and a narrow, pointed toe area to make it easier for the boot to go through the stirrup. These shoes don’t have to be used for horse riding purposes only, in fact, they offer great support for working on the farm or the ranch, or they can even be worn casually on a regular day. It’s just very important that you know how to combine them along with other kinds of clothing and make sure you pick a nice fit.


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The infamous roper boot has also been around for quite some time. It was made for people who weren’t spending most of their time riding horses, instead, they were usually working with cattle or livestock. The design of this boot will provide great support and snugness for a smoothly going workday. The name actually came from the popular calf roping event that western people do, where they would wear so-called roper shoes because they were more convenient than the original cowboy boots.

The roper boot is actually similar to the traditional kind, but they have a much lower heel and a lower shaft which will make it easier for walking, running, or other engaging activities.

Work Cowboy Boots

Work Cowboy Boots
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This style is perfect for people who like to have a cozy and protective pair of shoes on to ensure an efficient day’s work. They are characterized with a wider, more rounded toe area to allow tons of free space, and sometimes that very same area can be covered with steel for extra shielding. The sole is mainly made from thick rubber which also serves as a great protector against hard, uneven surfaces. So, if you are facing a tough job that requires you to be on your feet all day, definitely go for the classic work cowboy footwear.

Western Ankle Boots

Western Ankle Boots
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Lastly, the short or ankle-height boots are another type of Ariat shoes you can choose from. It’s a much more modern look and it’s mainly made for women, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t wear them either. The name already gives away that their shaft is only as high to reach the ankle of the feet, so they add more to the aesthetic features rather than the protective role of the shoes. They are also made of lighter materials and they perfectly go along with any casual outfit. This style is also a better choice for the hotter weather seasons.

Division Based on the Toe Shape

The Ariat footwear can also be divided into another category which is entirely based on the shape of the shoe’s toe region. In this case, you can choose from:

  • Round toe shape – This type is usually common in work boots, ropers, or casual western footwear, and it adds to the comfort and looks of the shoes.
  • Square or Wide Square toe shape – Very similar to the round kind, except here we have much more toe space which means extra comfort. Useful for long walks or rides.
  • Snip toe shape – Common in dress shoes and offers very little space for the toes, but still offers snugness. Definitely boosts the overall aesthetic of the shoe.

How to Pick Cowboy Boots the Right Way

Now that you know the basic info on the many styles that western shoes have to offer, it’s time to talk about purchasing. Deciding on the style and look of the shoe will not do you a huge favor. It might complement your outfit but won’t care for your feet. So, before getting a cowboy boot, or just about any other kind of shoe, it’s important to pay attention to the following things:

Cowboy boots
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  1. The Materials – Mainly you should look for leather-based western shoes. Pick quality materials that will be more durable and protective for your feet, such as alligator skin, goatskin, snakeskin, or other kinds of leather types.
  2. The Purpose – The easiest way to make your pick is to decide on the occasion where you plan to be wearing your western boots. If it’s for work, opt for shoes with a thicker sole and lower heel, while if it’s mainly for fashion purposes then get a lighter type of boot.
  3. The Right Size – A very important thing when picking out any type of shoe is making sure it fits well because a badly fitted shoe will only cause further injury and problems.
  4. The Price – Check on your budget primarily before considering a purchase, and go for something you will be needing. It’s pointless to get super expensive boots if you don’t plan on wearing them regularly. Consider looking at the features that come with the boot to ensure that the price tag is right.


Overall, western shoes have been an iconic symbol throughout the years. You can wear them for any attire while still looking stylish and feeling comfy at the same time. Now, as for knowing how to pull off the infamous western look, it can be a bit of a challenge. Even if it’s your go-to style or you want to give it a try, the number one thing you must opt for is a quality Ariat western boot. Getting a pair will definitely compliment your whole western outfit and get you feeling like a real cowboy or cowgirl!