Bamboo Bed Sheets Buying Guide: Important Factors to Consider

Bedding sheets are as important as your mattress. They will determine the comfort of your sleep and can affect your skin’s well-being in the long run. Your bed sheets should be durable, but also breathable and easy to maintain. This is why many people (especially people with allergies and sensitive skin) decide to get bamboo bed sheets.

Are Bamboo Sheets That Good?

When you check bamboo sheet prices you will see that they aren’t very affordable. And yet, if you decide to invest in bamboo sheet sets, you will get so much more than traditional cotton and linen sheets can offer. 

Bamboo Fabric Benefits

white bamboo sheets

These sheets are considered luxurious, but not only because of their price but because of their softness. This is perhaps the only material (besides silk) that won’t feel abrasive against your skin.

As we’ve already said, bamboo fabric is the best choice for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Bamboo is known to have fewer allergens and antibacterial properties. As a result, bamboo sheets are perfect for people with pulmonary problems such as asthma.

This fabric is moisture-wicking, so it’s less likely for dust mites and bacteria to inhibit your bedroom comfort. The fact that it’s going to regulate your body temperature and you won’t sweat is another huge benefit. And in addition, these sheets will also remain odour-free even after prolonged use. This makes bamboo ideal for hot and humid climates such as the Australian.

Are you interested in investing in your very own set? Since they aren’t the most affordable, it’s important to know a few things before you buy your bamboo bed sheets.

Know the Difference

blue sheets from bamboo

As with any quality product, bamboo sheets have many knock-offs. You will come across blends that might be cheaper, however, you won’t get the real bamboo properties if you’re investing in blends. Real bamboo is a material that will not cause you any skin rashes. It’s ideal not only for children but for adults with skin issues as well. Here are the differences between pure bamboo and bamboo blends.


These are the standard sheets, made of 100% bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon. Anything else isn’t quite as good. Bamboo Rayon and viscose mean basically the same thing. Rayon is semi-synthetic textile, while viscose is regenerated cellulose. The bamboo is chopped and pulled, dissolved and milled into a soft material that in the end is spun into fabric.

Bamboo Cotton Blend

bamboo sheets

If clean bamboo sheets are too soft and fluffy for you and you need something sturdier (and not too pricy) then a bamboo blend is a good option. You can find bamboo sheet sets in almost any bedding store. They aren’t as durable as the 100% bamboo bed sheets, but they will serve you for quite some time.

Bamboo Linen

You can also find sheets made with both bamboo and linen. The linen may feel a bit scratchy but the bamboo adds the necessary softness. This mix can be a great choice as well if you’re looking for sheets that are a bit sturdier and yet durable thanks to the bamboo.

How to Choose the Right Weave


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Twill is the best weave for bamboo sheets. It’s a loose weave with a diagonal rib. You will easily spot it, just look closely at the fabric and notice a group of single lines all going in the same direction. This weave is sturdy but very soft and won’t pill as it can happen with other weaves. Pilling usually happens when tiny threads break and start balling up. Once it starts, it won’t stop and before you know it, your sheet will not feel comfortable at all.


Sateen is a weave that has one yarn under and three over. It’s not the perfect choice for bamboo sheets, not because it’s soft like silk (surely softer than twill) but because it will pill. Piling is sateen’s biggest issue; it’s not a sturdy weave that will last for a long time. The risk of pilling is high since there are more exposed threads that make it smoother. That exposure means that the thread has a bigger risk of breaking. Also, sateen weaves require extra measures when washing. Sateen is easy to spot; it looks flat and tight, thin and resembles silk.

Thread Count

bamboo sheets

If you wonder if bamboo sheets have a thread count – the answer is yes and no. Sure, they have a thread count, but you can’t compare it to the thread count of cotton. The two thread counts in bamboo sheets are 320tc and 500tc. Many people choose 500tc bamboo sheets believing they are better, but in fact, they aren’t as soft as the 320tc bamboo sheets.

So, when buying your bamboo sheets, forget about the thread count. This isn’t the main thing you should be looking for. It’s more important to seek the quality of the manufacturer and the certifications since that should show if they are using a 100% bamboo-derived viscose or rayon.