Canvas Photo Art: The Important Décor Element That Makes a House a Home

What’s the first thing you do when you get into a new home? Make it your own by counting on all the bits and pieces of décor that speak of your personality, of course, other than adding some essentials of furniture to boost up the comfort. Art is a crucial component of this décor that makes a home feel like one.

And, while there’s a vast array of options to choose from, whether it’s plants, figurines of all sorts, or souvenirs from trips, it takes using the charm and decorative power of art like photo prints to enhance the abode in a simple, effective, and affordable way altogether.

Why Choose Photo Wall Art?

Because nowadays you can choose to have your favourite photos printed out on highly-detailed large canvas art and use them to add a nice pop of colour and interest to blank walls, the same way a famous painting would, but for a fraction of the cost. Don’t like to see your faces in a huge proportion on the walls? Not to worry, there are plenty more size options to work with and create your own gallery walls.

Photos are memories and what better way to remember those great moments you lived out with loved ones than using them to adorn the walls? This gives the décor a whole other dimension you otherwise wouldn’t get with regular artwork. It’s the perfect solution to injecting your home with personality, customising the look and feel with beautiful memories from your trips, milestone events, and surprise moments you love to revisit in the trip down memory lane.

Why Choose Photo Wall Art?

If these cherished treasures are special on their own, wait till you see them eternalised in the form of large canvas art amazing with the choice of premium quality satin canvas printed with a low sheen finish stretched out and added around a premium softwood frame. Perfect to be hung on any wall you think could do with some ornamentation.

A big print of your precious recollections could easily serve to breathe life into a boring corner in your hallway, as a centrepiece in the living room right above the lifeless and uninteresting sofa, or instead of a headboard in the bedroom. Got a memory of you cooking together as a family? Perfect! Use this to decorate the wall in the kitchen as the heart of the home it is.

Don’t think the variety of artwork like this comes only in size, material and finish, as the small, medium and large canvas prints can be made in a range of shapes too. Whether you need to fill up a space with a square or rectangle print or have the spot for a panoramic one instead, you have the flexibility to pick out the exact shape that would feel right at home in your interior décor scheme.

Being aware of this versatility also means you have the opportunity to play around with mixing and matching these options to create your own special collage of photos or even a fun gallery wall with prints all in matching frames that also happen to go well with your existing colour scheme and complement the framing of the surrounding furniture. This way you can bet on an outcome that feels put together and pleasing to the eye.

The best of it all is you get to choose the subject of your photo prints, as it doesn’t have to be strictly photos of you and your loved ones. Any photo you’d love to see on a big scale adorning the walls could be the ideal one, be it of landscapes, wildlife, cityscapes, or even abstract objects.

How Can I Decorate My Home with Photography?

It’s easy: first and foremost, take the time to choose the perfect photo that you’d have printed out on canvas. The photo needs to be of good quality to be printed out in a large canvas print so you avoid getting a blurry effect. It’s all about the resolution! Moreover, keep in mind you should be able to see your art from anywhere in the room, so avoid small prints too no matter how great your eyesight may be.

How Can I Decorate My Home with Photography?
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Next up, consider the room’s aesthetic. Just because you’re in love with one photo doesn’t mean it’s the perfect fit for a room with colours and décor that are the exact opposite. You need something that adds to the interest and vibe without feeling like an eyesore and that it doesn’t belong. Also, don’t choose some photo thinking it’s what others would appreciate.

You need the kind of décor that pleases you and makes you happy – after all, it’s your home! Don’t be afraid of being bold with black-and-white photos. Experimenting with contrasts would make the rest of the coloured prints truly stand out, creating a playful effect on the overall look and feel of the interior. Lastly, don’t forget to measure up the area you plan on decorating with the prints to make sure you get the exact size required for the project.