Caravanning & Camping: The Importance of Eating Healthy Foods While in the Woods

Caravan Fridge

It’s no secret that every human being hears the call of the wild every once in a while. Even though we’ve evolved and adapted to live far away from Mother Nature’s touch, we can still benefit greatly from a long hike or a nice camping trip. Many researchers believe that the sight and sounds of untouched wilderness increase pleasant feelings and reduce stress, fear, and anger. Surrounding ourselves with countless trees and singing birds once a week during the warm summer months can be immensely therapeutic for both our minds and our bodies (exposure to nature contributes to the physical wellbeing by lowering the blood pressure and the heart rate). No wonder camping has become such a popular activity.

When it comes to preparing for a camping trip, packing plenty of delicious and more importantly nutritious foods and drinks is a must. Many people fail to realize how important eating healthy while camping in the great outdoors really is, which is why hots dogs, salami sticks, sports drinks, and candy bars are their favorite camp food items. Relying solely on these food items isn’t a smart idea because they are packed with sugar, sodium, and preservatives. If you plan to be physically active during your stay in the woods, that is all the more reason to bring along healthy foods.

In order to avoid forgetting to buy an important food item, I advise you to write out a shopping list. Fresh fruits and vegetables (apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and spinach), canned baked beans, canned corn, whole wheat bread, wraps, hummus, peanut butter, jam, sauce, mustard, vegetable milk, plain yogurt, fresh chicken eggs, juices, beer, and of course many bottles of water are items that deserve to fill up your camping grocery list.

Caravan Fridge

Let me remind you that in order to preserve the foods that are potentially hazardous, you’ll need a portable caravan fridge. A quality portable caravan fridge will keep your foods and drinks cool during the whole trip, which will give you the wonderful chance to cook your favorite meals even on the last day of your trip. If you decide to purchase a camping fridge, I advise you to look for one that’s sturdy and spacious so you can pack at least one extra day’s worth of food. After all, camping trips are all about relaxing and enjoying, which isn’t possible without fresh, yummy, and healthy food.