Casually Cool: 5 Essential Elements of a Stylish and Comfortable Streetwear Outfit

Streetwear is the chameleon of fashion that seamlessly blends style and comfort. What once was a signature of hip-hop and skateboard enthusiasts is now a universal language of self-expression. This style is a combination of comfy clothes, oversized silhouettes, and striking designs. It encourages you to showcase your unique style and experiment with your wardrobe. If you’re new to streetwear, here are 5 must-haves that will help you master this style. 

Comfy Heavyweight Tee

heavyweight t-shirts

To build a streetwear outfit, the first thing you need is a cosy base layer. The best garments for this purpose are comfy heavy T-shirts made of cotton. What sets them apart from your everyday lightweight tees is the thicker material that provides comfort and durability. This makes them suitable for any type of weather since the dense fabric keeps you warm when the temperatures drop. They also create a more structured look compared to lightweight tees.

Heavyweight t-shirts are great for both cosying up in your living room and going out with friends. They’re light enough to keep you comfortable, but substantial enough to make you feel grounded. The fabric drapes smoothly and gives you that laid-back vibe we all crave. The softness against your skin is a constant reminder that you don’t have to compromise comfort for style.

What GSM are Heavyweight T-shirts?

First, let’s explain the meaning of this crucial acronym. GSM refers to ‘grams per square metre’ and represents the weight of the fabric used in the clothing. Heavy t-shirts typically have a higher GSM and they’re thicker. However, some brands don’t have a GSM indicator, so it’s difficult to determine the weight. High-quality brands include this information on the label of the shirts, which indicates that they’re thoughtfully designed.

Even though summer is traditionally t-shirt season, you can wear these clothes all year round. Heavyweight tees have a GSM of over 200, so they’re suitable for cooler weather. They’re thicker and keep you snug as the temperature drops. When choosing one for yourself, keep in mind that some brands sacrifice breathability in favour of warmth. Pick a heavyweight tee in a breathable, natural material instead of irritating synthetic mixes that can aggravate skin irritation and increase sweating. Ones made of 100% cotton are a great choice for both comfort and style.

Cargo Pants

style with cargo pants

People often associate cargo pants with workwear and military fashion, but they’re the perfect fit for the tough, utilitarian streetwear style. These trousers have practical large pockets, a loose fit, and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. They were largely popular in the ‘90s with the rise of streetwear icons like rappers and skaters. Nowadays, the craze for cargo pants is still relevant thanks to their modern and innovative designs.

There are many ways to style an outfit using timeless cargo pants. One option is to pair cargo pants in workwear style with a statement utility shirt. Like wearing double denim, this workwear-inspired look is quite fashionable but can be challenging to pull off. If this is the vibe you’re looking for, use opposing colourways to prevent overly clashing styles; for example, combine black combat pants with a shirt in a striking colour.

Another way to dress cargo pants is to pair them with other streetwear essentials like a hoodie and a loose-fitting heavyweight t-shirt. This layered outfit is ideal for the winter months and is a classic streetwear style, especially when you accessorize it with some clunky white sneakers. The base layer of the t-shirt adds extra dimension.

Statement Sneakers

There can’t be streetwear without those statement kicks. The allure of famous sneakers like Nike’s Jordans, Vans, or Converse lies not just in their seamless integration into streetwear culture. The unmistakable silhouettes, the bold colourways, and the iconic logos all tell a story and add layers to your unique style. Jordans effortlessly bridge the gap between casual and cool. Whether you pair them with distressed denim, joggers, or even a sleek tracksuit, they elevate your look from mundane to legendary. 

Varsity Jacket


What makes varsity jackets so iconic in the realm of street fashion? These garments have a unique sporty aesthetic and a classic silhouette that doesn’t compare to any other jacket. When the temperature drops, pair it with distressed jeans for a laid-back chic look or throw it on over a hoodie.

The varsity jacket effortlessly bridges the gap between casual comfort and street style, so it’s a go-to choice for those who crave that perfect blend. And don’t forget the nostalgic touch it adds to any outfit. The patches, the contrasting sleeves, and the timeless colour schemes bring a unique retro vibe that resonates with streetwear style.

Bold Accessories

Are you tired of dressing the same way every day? Showstopping streetwear accessories have the power to turn up your style’s volume. They elevate your look and command attention wherever you go. Baseball caps with statement logos are among the essential streetwear must-haves.

They look great with almost every outfit you throw at them since they are so adaptable. Rock them forward, backwards, sideways, and even wear them like a crown. When the weather gets chilly, beanies take centre stage. This comfortable headwear keeps you toasty warm and gives your outfit a carefree vibe. Chunky chains are also popular in street fashion. Choose quirky, statement-making designs that draw attention.