CAT Workwear: Clock Into Work Safely

Today, professional workwear is needed in all industries. Without the proper professional attire, construction sites are notoriously dangerous places to work on. Employers and construction companies may also require special protection or safety gear in order to keep their employees safe during production runs.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at your job – if you’re not wearing the right clothes for it, there’s always the possibility of injury. It’s important to be dressed right for the occasion so you can clock into work safely and with confidence. The cat workwear line of quality offers professional attire that combines style and functionality into all of their pieces, making it easy to have the best professional appearance and experience.

The company offers special clothing pieces such as hard hats, safety vests, gloves, steel toe boots, coveralls and more! Not only do they specialise in professional work wear but also stylish pieces that can be worn while away from the job site or at home on your days off. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep yourself safe while working then look no further than Caterpillar work clothes.

Build Your CAT Work Outfit

workwear CAT jacket

When it comes to work attire, your priorities should always be comfort and safety. Constructions sites are a hazardous setting, so choosing convenience over style is your best option. Thankfully, the premium cat workwear line has seamlessly blended utility and fashion for the modern worker. Caterpillar have taken over the industry business, not only with machines and construction equipment, but also with quality made work-appropriate garments for all field workers.

As any good construction worker knows, building a good foundation is crucial to any project. So, how about building the essential work outfit with the help of garment pieces from Caterpillar? Let’s go over some of their most famous items and create the ideal outfit for both on and off the clock!

Before you layer on protective gear, have you thought about how much stress your feet endure from standing all day long? Thankfully, CAT offers you cushioned socks made with breathable materials that will keep you both comfy and dry throughout the whole day. Now that the feet are taken care of, you can continue building your fit.

Are you more of a jean or cargo type of person? That doesn’t matter because the cat workwear consists of a diverse selection of pants that are ideal for every field of work in the industry. This company has created their line of pants with workers in mind thus making their models durable, multifunctional, and comfortable on the body.

Each pant style comes with multiple pockets so you can easily fit as many tools as possible, and have them at hand. In addition, the materials are made to endure heavy wear and some are even waterproof. Now let’s move on to tops. Whether you’re looking for a summer fit or a cosy winter layer, CAT gives you a wide range of tops, hoodies flannels and basic work shirts.

The best thing about this brand is their effort invested in creative designs, therefore making it an easy task to find shirts that can be transformed from work fits to “grabbing drinks after hours” attire. Within the extensive selection you will find tops made from breathable materials that provide moisture control and protection from UV rays. This gives workers another level of comfort and safety for those long hours of working outside.

When the temperatures drop and layering is a must, the jackets and vests from the range of caterpillar workwear will keep you warm yet still mobile to finish the job. The jackets are made with soft materials and provide the right balance of isolation and ventilation to keep you at optimal body temperature without getting sweaty. Within the range you will find layering garments ideal for all seasons and working conditions.

No outfit is complete without shoes and working at constructions sites or manufacturing areas requires proper footwear. Investing in the right footwear when working in these industries will not only help you endure being on your feet all day, but potentially save you from injuries and trips to the hospital. CAT has designed boots and work shoes with enforced materials and steel toe protection to make sure you stay protected if things go wrong. On top of that, every shoe has slip resistant outsoles and some even have electrical hazard protection for up to 14,000 volts.

Apart from work clothing, CAT makes sure every worker safe with their selection of protective accessories such as safety goggles, knee pads, bump caps and gloves. These are some of the essential pieces of gear that every worker must have in order to safely navigate around a working site.

Benefits of Proper Workwear


When you’re working on a construction site, or in any other dangerous profession, it’s important to have the right workwear to protect you from potential injuries. Many people don’t realize the benefits of protective gear, and often choose not to wear it because they think it’s uncomfortable or makes them look silly. But the inevitable truth is that there are a lot of hazards that construction workers face on a daily basis, from sharp tools to heavy equipment.

With the help of proper work wear, not only will you lower the chances of injury, but you will also do your job more efficiently knowing you are safely equipped. When choosing clothes for construction sites, your main concern should be comfort and protection. Work outfits should give you the freedom to move around unobstructed, flexibility to finish tasks in various settings, and protection from exterior elements and conditions.

This is why CAT has become a favourite in the working field. The main focus of the brand is to give workers durable and effective workwear in order to finish their job safely. Although style should not be such a priority, with this brand it is an added perk as their clothes can be worn even outside of your shift and still protect you from any hazardous situations.

Work attire is designed differently than regular clothes, therefore it requires different care procedures. To make the most of your protective gear, make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines for washing and prevent shortening its lifespan. If the materials are compromised the garments won’t provide the same protection levels thus you will need to replace them. Take care of your protective clothes and they will take care of you!