Clutter-Free, Warmth, and Serenity: Characteristics that Render Modern Furniture Design Home Makeover Important

As typical modern day people, somewhere down the line of trying to find the perfect balance between arranging our interior décor, and the urge to be part of consumerism, we end up surrounding ourselves with clutter. This includes both physical and visual clutter, all around in our homes: from corners, to walls. It’s no surprise we often get that sense of monotony, desperately in need of some escapism.Modern Furniture Design

I say this is a wake-up call; we ought to learn a thing or two from the happiest people on the planet, the Scandinavians, and their gift for filling up their homes with the flair of modern furniture design.

The characteristics of this design in particular are clutter-free, warmth, and serenity; it’s a design that captivates with its simple, clean, yet elegant lines, created from finest organic materials, crafted with skill, inspired by the timeless beauty of nature, with a focus on light. Simply said, it’s the design you’d love to live through.

Scandinavians have adopted a practical approach to living, so you can expect to welcome plenty of space into your home, losing dust-accumulating objects like an oversized carpet, replacing it with a stylish rug, or sheepskin. Besides, how else can you show off your eye-catching wood flooring?

The accentuation of the multi-purpose role of items, enhancing the storage and aesthetic appeal, is at the very core of this modern furniture design. For instance, pieces like a mobile side table (table on wheels) is both a thing of beauty and just what you can want in a table, using it as a coffee table, tea table, bedside table, or side table, whichever way you see fit, having enough space for drinks, and snacks, as much as for keeping your magazines, books, and knick knacks in order.

Then there’s also the intricate design of wall hooks, hangers, and mirrors with brackets, that not only make way for plenty of use of vertical storage, saving up more of the interior space, but they also serve as unique wall decorations – who said art is the only way to add life to your blank walls?

The warmth and serenity I previously mentioned stem from the choice of materials for the creation of this design, as much as from the choice of colours. Natural materials, in the warm, bright tones of neutrals are sure to transform your abode into the comfortable place you wouldn’t want to leave. As Jane Austen said in her famous novel, Emma, “There is nothing like staying home for real comfort”.