Choosing a Good Dog Bed Is Important: Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Dogs are the most wonderful, playful and loving pets you can get. They will always be ready to run, play and walk around with you, and when you get home, they would gladly snuggle by your side. However, even if that snuggling and cuddling together on the sofa is an amazing thing, your dog should have their bed. Most owners forget that these animals too, need their alone time and a place to calm down without having to deal with people. There are various things to consider when choosing dog bedding, and here are several of them.

Your Dog Needs Its Bed

By buying a dog bed, your dog can have a place that will be theirs only. You won’t have to deal with them sitting on the sofa, armchair or in your bed, especially if you’re trying to keep these places clean. Plus, dogs love to chew on things, so by getting them a sturdy chew-resistant bed, you will save your furniture from getting destroyed.

Choose the Bed According to the Dog’s Needs



When choosing dog bedding, the first thing you should consider is your dog’s size. You can’t just ‘squeeze in’ a German Shepherd in a tiny round doughnut bed, just as a Chihuahua will look lost in a huge ortho sofa for dogs. The best way to measure your dog is to consider its height and length. When measuring the length, consider the tail as well. Add at least 5-10cm to the height of your dog, so they will have enough space to roll on sides, curl in a ball, or stretch themselves when they feel like it.

Of course, if you have a breed that doesn’t grow too much, you can easily get a bed without measuring their height and length. In that case, a fluffy rounded bed would be an excellent choice. Larger or older dogs will surely benefit from futons (they are soft and comfortable enough, and they don’t have any parts that will limit the space.


Younger dogs don’t have a problem just hopping into a taller bed, but if your furry friend is ageing, it’s better to provide them with a bed that won’t be an effort to get in and out from. Futons, sofas or rectangular, well-padded beds for dogs will work just fine. This way, the ageing dog will have an easy time lying down and getting up when they feel like it, without having to put an extra burden on their legs. This could be very helpful if the dog suffers from any illnesses such as arthritis.

Health Condition


A healthy dog is a happy dog, but if your pet has any health issues, it’s really smart to consider that when looking for beds for dogs. Arthritis, asthma or other health issues could make any extra movements a challenge. Allow your dog to have a bed where they will feel comfortable, warm, and supported. The bed of a dog with a health condition should not be too much elevated from the floor, but also it should have enough layers to keep the animal warm. Even if your dog is young, keep in mind that as years pass by, it might develop an illness.

A comfortable bed made with layers and materials that give warmth, support will give a dog with arthritic joints a peaceful and pain-free rest. For young and healthy dogs, a good dog bed will keep them warm and will prevent any pain in their joints or potential calluses. Dogs can easily sleep on the ground that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel pain from the hard surface.



Consider the climate in your area. If the weather is mostly warm, choose a bed made of materials that will not make the dog feel too hot during their sleep. On the other hand, if the weather where you live changes often and gets chilly in the winter months, make sure that you get a dog bed that will keep them warm. This bed will be placed on the floor, and the room temperature down there is always a few degrees lower. No matter how warm your home is, your dog deserves to feel warm and cosy during their rest.


Smaller dogs will benefit from beds that have good support. Those rounded fluffy beds will give your doggo the comfort they seek. This can especially help if the dog has to deal with separation anxiety. Comfort is crucial for any breed and size; even if your big dog looks comfortable and seems that nothing can affect them, make sure that they sleep on a surface that keeps their joints and muscles safe.

Which Materials Are Best for Dog Beds?

Go for Waterproof and Machine-Washable Materials


Dogs will be dogs. No matter how much you try to keep them clean, dogs will find a way to run and jump into grass, puddles, or mud. Of course, you can’t bathe them every time you go out, so make sure their bed is made of water-resistant material. This way, your dog won’t have to sleep in a damp bed.

Also, dogs are dirty no matter how much you bathe them, so the bed will have to be washed often. That being said, make sure that it is made of materials that won’t get damaged if they are machine washed.

Go for microfiber, polyester, faux fur or suede for indoor beds. If you keep the dog bed outside, make sure the bed has a metal construction so the mattress won’t be directly placed on the floor or ground. Shade cloth with UV protection and vinyl are good options for outdoor beds.

And finally, make sure to get a bed that will resist the sharp teeth of your pet.