The Importance of Choosing Safe and Healthy Toys for Your Baby


Once you find out you will become a parent, it’s only natural for your life to start revolving around this life-changing event. You start thinking about your diet and do your best to eat healthy so that your baby gets all the nutrients, you start rethinking your apartment’s layout and think of ways that will make it a better environment for your little one. Moreover, you plan in detail what you will need when the big day arrives and all the baby clothes and toys your bundle of joy will need.

I have to confess, all these small details that need much upfront consideration and planning can make it all rather confusing and draining. For that reason, in this blog post, I’ve decided to talk about the importance of choosing fun, safe, and healthy toys for your baby. Many parents are aware that they should not give their little ones small toys, toys with parts that are detachable or ones that can easily break. Obviously, such toys present a serious choking hazard. But what many parents aren’t exactly aware of is that a child can get sick from placing something as “safe” as a rubber ducky in his/her mouth.

It’s frightening when you think about it, but many manufacturers produce rubber and plastic toys that are toxic, containing a number of harmful additives and chemicals. Most toys on the market are manufactured that way because it’s much cheaper to add chemicals than to manufacture a healthy, safe toy from natural materials. Bath toys and squeaky toys, in particular, are made from PVC with added phthalates and BPA. When put in water – they release the harmful toxins.


You most certainly should not let your little angel be around, let alone put such toys in his/her mouth! So what can you do? The obvious solution is to opt for more natural alternatives, like for instance wooden bath toys that are made of unfinished, solid, non-toxic hardwood. Choose 100% water-friendly wooden bath toys as some paints can dissolve when being left in water for too long. Avoid artificial coatings because these finishes often contain lead and other chemicals. Also, make sure that the wood is solid, as plywood or particleboard can contain formaldehyde and toxic glues.

Besides being the healthiest and safest option, wooden toys also have many educational benefits for your child. They are great for stimulating the imagination as well as for improving cognitive and motor skills. Their simplistic design presents no limitations – it allows children to engage in open-ended play and express themselves creatively. But when it comes to teething toys, obviously you can’t choose wood. In that case, go for fabric toys that are made from all natural, untreated fibers such as certified organic cotton or bamboo.

Of course, you can’t control everything your child is exposed to daily, but what you can surely do is reduce the number of toxins in his/her immediate environment that present a health risk. We are all preoccupied with the safety of our small bundles of joy, so make sure to pay attention to the details that rarely who ever thinks about. You know what they say – better safe than sorry!