Christmas Gift Basket Ideas: This Year Bring in the Cheer in a Different Way

Christmas hampers are everything you would ever want from a gift. They are budget-friendly, good-looking and something you can order online. Christmas hampers are practical and there’s a perfect hamper out there even for the most peculiar person. Christmas presents in a form of a basket are special and a great choice for your loved ones.   

Christmas Craft Beer Baskets for the Beer Lovers

Christmas craft beer basket

Anyone can give a cliché Christmas themed sweater as a present but only creative people think of gifting Christmas craft beer baskets. Despite being rather unorthodox, these baskets are ideal Christmas gifts for beer lovers. If you were looking for a way to make Christmas memorable for your friends, family or colleagues, you’ve found one. Your Christmas beer gifts will be well appreciated.

The beer box contains the finest craft beers in Australia. The recipient will get 12 beers of outstanding quality to drink and enjoy. And the box itself has the most compact and cool design, in three words – the perfect gift. Can you imagine the meaning of these Christmas gifts for beer drinkers? You will most certainly put a smile on their faces and warm their hearts.  

Among the 12 beers inside the box is a beer from the Akasha Little Smith Session IPA, Moon Dog Lager, Wayward Pilsner, Quakers Hat Kolsch, Mountain Goat Steam Ale, Nomad Freshie, Bentspoke Barley Griffin, One Drop XPA, White Bay Sunny Hazy Pale, Yulli’s Amanda IPA, Stone & Wood Jasper Ale and Hop Nation Karma Oatmeal Stout brewery among others. These Australian breweries have quite a reputation and are known for creating delicious beer with amazing taste. And you’re giftee will have the opportunity to taste beer from every one of these breweries first hand. Talk about beer Christmas presents that make an impression. Then again, the beer box you end up gifting doesn’t have to contain Australian beer. You can choose a beer box full of Belgium beer or German beer too.

After all, Christmas is special and special should be the presents you give as well. So, when in doubt about what kind of gift to choose for the Christmas holidays, go for the beer Christmas presents. Know that your present will be well appreciated and you’ll be labelled as a person that knows how to choose the good stuff when it comes to gifts.

Treat the Chocoholics in Your Life with Chocolate Hampers

Christmas chocolate hampers

A chocolate hamper will be a dream come true for a chocoholic. And not just a chocoholic. No one will be able to resist a hamper that contains the finest chocolate. Chocolate always has been and always will be among the most popular gifts and something that marks special occasions. Why is that? Well, first chocolate is tasty. Very tasty. Chocolate provides people with comfort, it makes people happy and reminds them what truly is the source of happiness – the small pleasures in life.

Christmas chocolate hampers are the ideal choice for you if you’re out of gift ideas. Chocolate is a universal gift and people are always grateful for receiving nicely wrapped up Christmas chocolate hampers. Apart from that, chocolate hampers contain all sorts of different carefully selected chocolates inside so, in a way, it’s like you’re giving someone a special chocolate collection for an unforgettable chocolate tasting experience.

Fun fact: Giving chocolate for Christmas is actually a tradition that dates back to the 16th century. So, chocolate appreciation isn’t anything new. Chocolate has a long history of being the best gift there is.

Chocolate hampers contain Belgian milk chocolate, coconut balls, cinnamon almonds, dark chocolate, chocolate-coated raspberries, apricot balls, honeycomb, chocolate-dipped strawberries, Lindt balls and all of that paired with a nice bottle of wine or champagne. You have to agree that the chocolate-alcohol combination is the ultimate one.

You can order such a hamper online and send it directly to the address of your giftee. It will be the most pleasant and delightful surprise. And of course, to make things more personal, you should add a gift card with a couple of sentences written on, that are as sweet as the chocolate inside. This small detail will mean a lot to the person you’re sending the gift to.

Wine Christmas Hampers for Those who Love the Classics

Wine is a symbol of transformation but it also represents happiness and friendship. On another hand, wine is an alcoholic drink people enjoy drinking for special occasions but also over nicely cooked food on a Wednesday or Sunday night. Wine is versatile and yet another great Christmas gift.

You can choose among the many different types of wine available on the market and get your giftee a nice bottle. Australia is widely known for its high-quality wines. You can buy Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. You can even make a wine combination and get both a red and white wine or diverse small bottles of wine assembled in a basket. Whatever you decide, wine is pure classic and an exceptional gift, because every person wants to drink red wine (or white wine for that matter) every now and then.

Christmas Candy Hampers for the Ones with a Sweet Tooth

How about a candy hamper? This one will be a piece of cake for you to assemble, and it can even be a same-day delivery gift. All you need to do is fill a basket with some of the most popular candy available like M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles, Reese’s Cups, Twix and Kit Kat. Then again, you don’t have to restrict yourself to famous candy brands only. You can fill the basket with everything and anything. After all, candy is not meant for kids only. Grownups too are allowed to indulge in sugar sometimes. And it will be something your giftee doesn’t expect because let’s be honest when it comes to hampers, no one thinks of candy first.

Christmas candy hampers

And Christmas Coffee Hampers for Those Fond of Drinking Coffee

What do you offer a coffee lover? Something coffee related, naturally. Something like a coffee themed hamper. You can start by picking quality coffee beans. Maybe even rare coffee beans. Then proceed with a cool mug or even better – a reusable to-go cup.

You can add a small espresso maker to the mix because, why not? And to top everything, acquire a coffee guide. A book that contains everything there is to know about coffee. You can rest assured your coffee-worshipping giftee will be completely blown away by this hamper. And what’s Christmas after all if not a reason to make someone feel loved and appreciated?