Clip In Hair Extensions – Importance Of Proper Care

One of the most commonly used treatments for hair loss is the clip in hair extensions. The clip in hair extensions are great accessories to make any woman pretty and good looking. They can be easily attached on your hair, and are ideal for every day use, special events etc. However, for natural and good looking results, proper care and maintenance is necessary. With proper care, the clip in hair extensions can boost your appearance and hair style. And vice versa, if not properly maintained, the hair extensions will look dull and artificial, creating a messy look.


Since the clip in hair extensions are made from human hair, a proper care involves the same care and attention you give to your natural hair. With proper care you will maintain and keep the hair extensions shiny, smooth, and will maximize their lifespan. As a simple and routine procedure, a proper care for your clip in hair extensions should include:

  • Wash the clip in hair extensions twice a week. This will prevent drying.
  • Be gentle when brushing your hair extensions. Rough brushing can damage the extensions, and can make them to look unnatural.
  • Use moisturizing hair care products to wash your hair extensions. These products will keep your hair extensions healthy and good looking. For extra shine, you can use a serum.
  • Squeeze out the excess water from your hair extensions and allow them to dry without using hair dryers. Don’t use towels to dry the extensions.
  • If you still prefer to use a hair dryer, flat iron or a curling iron, use a special heat protecting device.
  • Once a month use a conditioner. Leave it on your hair extensions for around 20 minutes and rinse. This will give your clip in hair extensions an extra moisturizing boost.
  • When washing your hair extensions while attached, avoid circular motions to prevent tangling.
  • To prevent tangles, do not sleep with hair extensions.
  • Keep the ends of your hair extensions trimmed. Even with proper care, split ends are inevitable. So, trim the ends of the hair extensions every 6 to 10 weeks. But don’t trim to much, because you will lose the length of your hair extensions very quickly.

With proper care and maintenance you can extend the life span of your clip in hair extensions. Keeping them beautiful, shine and natural for a long time is not so difficult after all.