Composite Veneers: Bonding Your Way To a Great Smile

First of all, let’s get one thing clear – the bonding that I am going to talk about has nothing to do with James Bond cosplay or sexual fetishes. Of course not. I am going to talk about the importance of cosmetic dentistry.

composite veneers
As you are probably well aware, a glowing smile indicates healthy teeth and healthy gums, but it also plays a significant role when it comes to your confidence and self-esteem. When you are self-conscious about your smile you’re not going to feel comfortable when interacting with other people. Though you may not realize it, whether or not you are smiling plays a great role in how other people perceive you. But thanks to the advances in technology, you can now have the perfect healthy smile with simple dental treatments like dental bonding and veneers. Bonded composite veneers are a long-lasting solution used not only to fix cavities, chipped teeth, fractures, spacing issues or discoloration, but they can be also used to improve the look of already healthy teeth. There are a lot of dental clinics that can apply bonded composite veneers Melbourne wide.

Bonded veneers are made from composite resin which is a very customizable substance that provides a life-like appearance to your teeth and conserves teeth structure. The procedure itself is fast and painless so you can have several teeth treated during one visit. The dentist first puts a mild chemical on the front surface of the tooth to make it a little rough, which helps composite resin to stick to the enamel of the tooth better. Then, he chooses the colour of the composite resin that matches the natural colour of your teeth so that the veneer blends in with your teeth. The composite resin is applied in layers and each layer is hardened with a bright light. After the final layer is applied the dentist shapes and polishes it and gives the tooth a smooth and natural look.

The main advantage of bonded veneers is their cost and time efficiency. You can get your composite veneers Melbourne wide and dramatically improve the look of your teeth within hours. Composite bonding requires a minimal amount of healthy tooth reduction and with the advances in resin technology, bond strengths are now greater than ever. Also, composite bonding is a process that is reversible and veneers can be removed and replaced if needed. The disadvantages are that a bonded veneer can’t mask heavily discoloured teeth; also, they are weaker than porcelain veneers.

So if you have small or medium sized chips, small gaps between teeth or moderate staining or discolouration make an appointment and within a short time, you will have a smile that has the power to light up the room.