Cpap Filters – How Important is Regular Cleaning and Replacement

CPAP Filters

If you are using a CPAP device for your obstructive sleep apnea problem, you probably know how important is to keep your CPAP clean. What you probably do not know is how to replace or clean your CPAP filter.

A CPAP device keeps your airways open throughout the night for normal breathing. It takes air from the room, filters the air, and pressurized it to deliver clean and gentle breeze into your lungs. During this procedure, the CPAP machine can suck up debris (dust, smoke, pet dander or many other allergens) from the environment. That’s why, CPAP filters are included to keep these hazardous compounds from getting into your lungs.

Cleaning or replacing your CPAP filter is a very important part when maintaining your CPAP device. Only a clean CPAP filter is capable to clean the air from debris. Usually, the CPAP filters are made from disposable materials, such as foam, synthetic materials or paper. Disposable CPAP filters should be replaced regularly, so when the filter appears to be dirty or discolored, consider cleaning it or replacing it. The time for replacing or cleaning the filters varies and depends on several factors.

Replacing the CPAP filters depends on your home environment to a significant extent. Do you have any pets in your home? Or smokers? If you do, you need to change your CPAP filter every two weeks. If you do not have any pets or smokers in your home, you can use the same CPAP filters more than a month. The CPAP filters which are made from disposable materials are very cheap, so you can change them very often. Sometimes, the outside environment plays a key role for the CPAP filters replacement. If you live in a dirty or dusty environment, change your filters every week.

There are also CPAP filters made from non-disposable materials, the so-called pollen filters. These CPAP filters can be washed with a solution every week. It may sound like a complex process, but it is very easy. All you need to do is to remove the pollen filter from your CPAP device and to wash it with warm and soapy water. Then, rinse it well to remove the soap and leave it to dry completely before putting the filter back into your CPAP device.