Dog Nappies: An Important Accessory for Your Female Furry Friend

Just like us humans, our dogs go through bodily changes as well. Age-related changes are common, as well as changes in how the body works when your dog is in heat.

This is especially true for female pups. Much like human females, dog females get their periods. This happens when they’re in heat. Different breeds go through heat differently. For example, smaller breeds can go through heat up to four times a year, while their bigger friends may end up in heat once or twice a year.

Either way, no matter how often your lady enters heat, the result is basically the same. Your pup will experience a change in hormonal status and she will start to bleed. Bleeding usually lasts 9 to 10 days and can vary in heaviness. To keep the area protected, sanitized, comfortable, and separated from outside influences, it’s very important to have the right feminine products for your dog.

While women wear pads or tampons, dogs can deal with this issue by wearing dog nappies. Here’s everything you need to know to choose the best nappie for your dog and what to pay attention to when buying!

dog wearing nappie


Reusable Vs. Single-Use

When talking about the types of nappies (or pads) available, the general difference is between reusable and single-use. You can find both reusable and disposable female dog sanitary pads for sale in pet stores.

Reusable nappies are much like reusable period pads. They are made out of fabric that is highly absorbent and have a velcro system to keep them in place. Many people opt for reusable nappies as they are a one time purchase that can be used again and again when needed.

Still, the downside with reusable nappies is that many find them to not stay in place when needed. Another issue that we’ve noticed is the washing process. You’ll need to mind the velcro and secure it before starting the washing. Usually, because blood is involved, pre-soaking is needed before even starting the washing process. These nappies can be machine or hand-washed, but some people don’t like putting them in the washing machine they wash their clothes and undies in for sanitary reasons.

On the other hand, single-use nappies work, again, much like single-use period pads. Since a dog can’t really wear a regular pad, the female dog sanitary pads are in the shape of a diaper that you put on your dog. This diaper has a hole for the tail and tapes shut around the dog’s sides.

With single-use nappies, there is no need for washing, so both your pup and your home stay clean and germ-free. Since dogs go through heat a handful of times a year, single-use pads are considered the optimal option by many.

dog wearing single use dog diaper


Pick a Comfortable Material

Just like our skin, our dogs’ skin can also become irritated and rashes can appear. That’s why you need to really mind the material of the nappie you’re looking at.

Opting for something made out of natural materials, like cotton, for example, is a great option. This will make sure that your dog will stay dry and comfortable while still not making a mess anywhere. It will also prevent any skin damage to appear while the dog moves around and goes on with its day. Highly absorbent is a feature the nappie you’re looking at must have, too. Otherwise, what’s the point?

As we mentioned before, we recommend buying your nappies and dog pads from trusted pet stores as they’ll definitely have good stuff stocked and will be able to recommend you the best type for your dog.

Size It Right

Since you want to make sure your puppy nappy stays put and keeps everything in, getting the right size, alongside the other two things we talked about so far, is crucial.

Nappies are usually made for smaller dog breeds, while bigger dogs can comfortably wear nappies made for humans. To get the best fit, you’ll need to measure your dog and note the numbers down. Stockists and manufacturers usually have a sizing chart available, so you can make sure you’re getting the right size!

To measure your puppy’s size, you’ll need a calm, cooperative dog and a soft tape measure. It’s best to measure your dog before they enter heat as they’ll probably be quite restless when they do.

To measure successfully, make sure your dog is standing up and take your tape measure. Wrap the tape around your dog’s midsection, but don’t overlap it. Just touch the ends together and note the number. Don’t press the tape measure too close to your dog’s body nor hold it too far away. Make it so it’s a snug fit, but not tight.

Also, if your dog is a fluffy one you’ll need to take that fluff into account as it will affect the size they need. When measuring, don’t press on the fluff too much. Apply just enough pressure to lightly suppress the fluff. Note the number.

Another thing to remember when measuring your pup’s size is their bodily constitution. Some breeds may have wider hips and slimmer waists, so take this into account when looking at the sizes, too!

By accurately measuring your dog’s size, you’ll make sure the nappie works as intended without bothering your dog.

little dog with diaper


To Wrap Up (No Pun Intended)

Dog nappies are an item you’ll need to have around if you own a female dog. No matter if your dog doesn’t bleed too much, she’ll still try to reach the area the blood is coming from and that is a definitive no-no.

By putting a nappie on her, you’re providing her with comfort, cleanliness, and you’re also protecting her health. Other benefits like a clean house come second.

We’re sure you want all the best for your pup, so buy only from trusted vendors and monitor your girl while she’s in heat. Many changes occur in the body at that time, so keeping an eye on her will definitely pay off. If she shows signs of anxiety during this time, try to calm her down by playing more often with her or with the help of a calming dog bed.