Dog Owners: How Important is Playtime for a Dog?

Know how a child’s proper development relies on daily playtime? Well, the same goes for your dog too, i.e. your furry child, so never underestimate the power a bit of play can bring about. It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, this activity is essential for any age, young and old alike.

To be able to understand why it is so, all you have to know is each and every benefit provided by playtime, any playtime that is, as long as your canine is enjoying it.


A Healthy Workout

Starting from the first and foremost, the exercise, your pup requires the right amount of workout per day to stay healthy and even if you don’t have the time to go for walks or play outdoors to carry on with a daily routine you’ve set, it’s possible to make up for it at home with suitable dog toys.

Be careful though, because they play with anything it’s necessary to purchase adequate toys made from specific materials like the food grade ones that don’t contain BPA, lead or phthalates as well as in a design that doesn’t put well-being at risk from bits and pieces that pose a potential threat of being chewed off and swallowed.

You can make it all the more fun with toys such as the latest bionic trend that are created to float, bounce, and go as far as holding treats and making the game of fetch last even longer.

No Unwanted Behaviour

Now, back to the benefits, having the exercises enables them to stay fit while at the same time they get to spend the build-up of energy which is useful in preventing unwanted behaviour like that of chewing your precious furniture or excessive barking. With dogs of any age it serves as the right method when it comes to motivating and supporting well manners – yes, dogs can learn manners too, and all you need as your instruments are their toys and some treats to accomplish this training task.


Great for Socialising

Same as people, there are dogs who find it hard to mingle with other dogs and socialise but it’s nothing that can’t be helped with a little bit of playtime. Because of the fun it provides, it’s easier for dogs to loosen up and just focus on the entertainment instead of being cautious of dogs around or their own fears, so yes, play makes them better at interacting with others.

This goes for puppies and older dogs alike because you never stop socialising. Likewise, it’s a great way to get to know your dog (in case it’s a puppy or you just welcomed it in your family), spend quality time together and create and nurture your bond over play with their favourite dog toys. Furthermore, you’d get to show them the love and affection they need and allow them to tune in to their instincts at the same time considering when they chase, retrieve, dig and chew they take to their hunting, predatory behaviour.

A Mental Workout

Speaking of tuning in, playtime is nice from the point of view of providing a nice workout for your pup’s brain also. When they perceive their toys, the specific game, the pattern as well as the world that surrounds them they have the needed brain stimulation essential for keeping their brain healthy and sharp while working on their reflexes and reactions.


Remedy for Anxiety

The well-being issue of modern day life, anxiety, affects dogs as well and is one of the main enemies of the cognitive abilities; to be able to curb the risk of cognitive decline play happens to be an easy and entertaining solution that won’t break your bank as dog toys are available in all shapes, sizes and colours and are more than affordable.

A nice example of anxiety would be that during travel, be it with short or long trips, as it raises the stress levels in most pets when they change their home and find themselves in the unknown yet when you have the means to keep them busy with play, you can count on a hassle-free experience.


Solution for Boredom

We’re no strangers to boredom even in a world full of entertainment and technology so we resort to all kinds of activities to wave boredom goodbye. It’s no different with dogs either and instead of thinking of playtime as your chore, look upon it from the perspective of boredom to get motivated to stick to a daily routine unless you want to be dealing with an annoyed pet who ends up expressing it in a destructive manner.

Know Your Dog

Okay, we’ve covered the benefits but it’s important to point out not just any game would do for any dog. What this means is you have to get to know your pet, its likes and dislikes, to find the perfect toy and activity so you’d be sure this routine would be successful. Ask yourself what your beloved furry friend enjoys doing most to find the answer to what the best game is.