Double Stroller vs. Wagon: Which Is Better?

Out of all baby gear available on the market, the stroller is maybe one of the most commonly used. This is a versatile and multi-use baby gear that allows for being used under different circumstances and not only for your daily walks. It’s available in different types, materials, colours and designs which allow you to pick the one that meets your taste and needs.

Those of you who have twins, two or more children close in age, you should certainly consider the idea of choosing a double stroller or even a wagon if they are old enough. Given the fact that both of these types of carriages are different in appearance and features, understanding them is the simplest and most obvious thing you can do to make the right choice.

What Is a Double Stroller?

parents walking with their children in double stroller

Well, this pram is quite similar to the standard one with the main difference being in its additional seat which allows for pushing two children. They are available in different types where the side-by-side and the one in front of the other are the most popular and commonly used types.

Of course, you can also choose from the convertible ones which are designed to grow along with your family. In other words, these prams are designed to change from single to double ones your family grows for one member. These strollers are perfect for pushing twins and two children of different ages but up to 5 years of age.

Having a convenient and easy-to-manoeuvre double stroller is a practical choice as it allows you to transport your babies from one place to another without having to walk or carry them in your hands for hours. A stroller of this kind ensures that both of your children are safe and in one place.

Each of its seats has safety buckles with padded parts on the shoulder and bottom area to improve their comfort. Both of them have an adjustable roof that is designed to protect your children from any weather condition. Even though a bit bulkier than a single pram, most of these strollers allow for being transported easily because they collapse and fold easily to take the least possible space in a trunk.

What Is a Wagon?


As the name suggests, this wagon is quite spacier than a double pram and it can accommodate up to four children, depending on the manufacturer and model of course. A push pram of this kind has an open design and allows children to pick where to sit. It’s also spacious enough to accommodate bags, backpacks or anything you need to carry with you. Depending on the model, you can choose a wagon that can accommodate two or more children, so choosing the right one for you would be super easy.

Things to Consider When Choosing Both of Them

parents with their children in double stroller


The first thing to have in mind when in the search for the right pram is the walking terrain you’ll walk on a daily basis. If you plan to walk your little ones mainly on smoother terrains then you can invest literally in any type of pram. However, if you don’t plan to go on the same route daily and want to take your little ones on different adventures, you should choose one that’s sturdy with wheels that can tackle different terrain.


Whether you plan to choose a wagon or a double pram, you really should consider its portability and ease of storage. Regardless of its bulkiness, you should choose one that’s easy to fold, move and store. When it comes to its folding, make sure to choose one that folds easily even with one hand because multitasking is a parent’s superpower. As a parent of two or more kids, you’ll need to learn and find a way to do more things at once especially when out and holding a baby in one hand while folding the pram with the other.

Build Quality

Whether you decide to invest in a wagon or double stroller, you should look at one that is durable and long-lasting. In the end, these prams are designed for carrying more than one child, so the chosen one should be durable and strong enough to withstand daily use.


The last thing to have in mind when choosing a pram or wagon is its safety features. If possible, look for one that has five-point safety harnesses which are designed to keep your children safe and sound all the time. For those of you who have at least one child under one, choosing a wagon isn’t the best option because wagons are designed for children who can sit.

Either way, make sure to choose one with a secure safety harness because little children can get easily excited and they’ll probably want to touch or see something. On the other hand, they can also lose interest in riding in a wagon or stroller so the chances that he’ll want to get out of it are huge.