Embrace Lace: How to Choose and Wear Lace Bras

Feeling your most glamorous, sexiest, fabulous version of yourself while being comfortable at the same time sounds almost too good to be true, right? Not with the right bra. Thankfully, the times of choosing one over the other are gone. We can now have the best of both worlds in the form of – the lace bra. A wardrobe staple that has a bit of everything – support, coverage, comfort, and a dose of sex appeal. Not only do they give visual interest, but they can also keep those girls where they should be, boost or lift them if needed, or give you a natural feel.

The delicately detailed lace bras are a classic lingerie, hyper-feminine base layer comfortable to wear from the beginning to the end of the day, and into the night if that’s what you prefer. Their timeless elegance and sophistication in every style make them suitable for every occasion. In addition to the well-known styles such as demi, plunge, longline, balconette, bralette, and push-up bra, you can find a t-shirt bra and a sports bra. Each style offers different levels of coverage, support, and shaping, catering to individual preferences.

From ‘Brassiere’ to ‘Push-up’

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It might sound incredible to some, but after 150 years of evolution and changes, it was only in the last couple of decades that this essential piece of clothing finally conformed to the shape of real women. Starting from the rigid corset in the early 19th century, through the ‘brassiere’ – a corset split into two parts, to the ‘modern’ bra (made of two silk handkerchiefs and a piece of ribbon), women have been looking for a way to shape their bodies, provide support or lift their breasts. Those were days of one-size-fits-all, relying on stretchy fabrics to accommodate various sizes, until the revolutionary cup sizes came to the scene in the 1930s.

The 1940s were the years of the ‘torpedo’ style, created with safety in mind and including thicker straps and heavier padding. This is also the time of the early push-up bra invention. The 1950s saw the emergence of the iconic ‘bullet’ bra made famous by Marilyn Monroe as well as the rise of the underwire models. The first sports bra entered the market in 1977, designed for movement as more women participated in sports, offering full coverage and a high degree of support.

The lace was used as fabric to make some form of coverage in the Middle Ages for undergarments similar to bodices. It wasn’t until the 60s that the lace bra made its way into the fashion world and became a classic.

The Modern Bra

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The 2000s and 2010s finally addressed the real needs of differently-shaped women. We witnessed the creation of models that can look and feel good thanks to technological developments, and more importantly, considering what actually women want and need. We can now find bras that are light-lined and give a natural profile, those that enhance the natural shape, or ones that give coverage and a sleek silhouette. Plus size lace bras that look gorgeous, maternity models as well as more styles and lines inclusive for women who have gone through life changes that dramatically reshaped their breasts.

Today, the best designs are introducing something new and fresh. Sports bras have additional posture-correction features, well-shaped cups offer more comfort and full coverage, and wider straps give proper support relieving neck and back pain.

All the Reasons Women Like Lace Bras

Why do we like them? Well, apart from boosting our confidence, lace bras are cozy. The fabric is less rigid and therefore has a more natural fit. As a flexible material, it can fit any shape, from large to small, and anything in between. The unique designs can come in a pattern or multiple-layered panel, so you don’t have to worry if it gets a bit ‘nippy’. The multi-layered bra with seamed cups gives a better shape and good support, which makes it ideal for the fabulous ladies on the higher end of the bra alphabet.

Lace bras are usually crafted in a soft material that feels nice to the skin, even if you wear them all day long. And nothing else in the lingerie department can evoke romantic, flirty vibes quite like lace can. Whether you prefer the padded or non-padded option, with or without wires, lace adds a bit of spice to your underwear. It’s a pretty, versatile, and sexy way to elevate a solid-colour bra or bralette. You can selfishly keep it to yourself or let it show a bit for a provocative, yet tasteful look.

How to Choose Yours

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Well, ladies, it’s time to treat yourself to a bra that not only looks nice but fits perfectly. I am sure all of you have gone through the pain of ill-fitting, wire-sticking, uncomfortable bras that you couldn’t wait to take off. Settling for a so-so one shouldn’t be an option. So, before you buy lace bra, check these tips:

• Get a professional to do your measurements, especially if you have never done so before.
• Learn how to measure your bra size (you can find charts and instructions online).
• Choose quality over looks, especially for bras that you will be wearing daily.
• Different styles might mean different cup sizes.
• The band should be completely level around your rib cage, not slide up your back or dig into your skin.
• Try different styles before you decide on the right one for you.
• Invest in a few good bras, depending on how often it’s worn and washed, an average one lasts from 6 to 12 months.

Finally, as delicate as the lace bras look, they can last for a long time if you take good care of them. Use a wash bag to keep them protected in the washing machine or better yet, hand wash them. Do up the hooks and eyes to prevent catching on other clothes and avoid fabric softener so you can extend the elasticity of the band and straps.