Exploring the Importance of Massage Chairs for Our Overall Health

Thanks to the super busy lifestyle that most of us lead today, we all need a massage. But between the endless meetings, all that working overtime and our kids craving our attention, who has the time for that? I know I don’t. Reserving an hour and a half of my day to drive to the local spa to get to the appointment I almost forgot I made two weeks ago can stress me even more knowing that my to-do list is full of tasks that need to be done like yesterday.


But how do you get that much-needed hour of relaxation without thinking about all the places that you should be at that moment? Two words, my darlings – massage chair. Investing in one for your home is something I guarantee you won’t regret. They are convenient and right there in the comfort of your home – no need to make appointments or drive all the way to the other part of town during rush hour. Plus, they offer tons of benefits. Here are some of them.

Pain Relief

One of the most obvious benefits of massage chairs is pain relief which is also one of the main reasons why people decide to buy them. Owning a massage recliner chair in your home will provide you with the most convenient way of pain relief as you can use it anytime you want even while you are still in your pajamas. There is no better way to end your busy day than relaxing in a comfortable massage chair. When it comes to pain relief, most massage chairs are beneficial but not all chairs are designed equally in that regard. So, if pain is the main reason you want to invest in an electric massage chair, then you need to look for one that has features like a zero-gravity seating, body stretch, deep tissue massage, and heat.


Improved Posture

Maintaining a good body posture is another issue that many people deal with on a daily basis. Especially if you are an office worker and spend too much time in a sitting position. Pain relief is closely related to improved posture. From the moment the pain starts, you wind up changing your sitting or standing position to make the pain less intense. Unfortunately, this can put additional stress on your muscles and cause you to stay in a posture that your body just isn’t designed for. A regular massage chair can help you take the stress off of certain muscle groups, thus improve your posture. My suggestion is to look for a chair that has a body twist and zero-gravity seating.

Improved Circulation

One of the most overlooked benefits of massage chairs is improved circulation. Better circulation leads to reduced pain and lower blood pressure, making you healthier and happier. Also, improved blood circulation helps you flush toxins from your body and this way indirectly improves your immune system. If you suffer from poor blood circulation you may want to consider a massage chair with an inversion function. Although they are not the most available models, you can still find a few on the market. If you are looking for the best chair model to improve your circulation, consider one that features deep tissue massage, inversion, vibration massage, and heat.

Stress Reduction

Another one from the many great health benefits of a massage chair is stress reduction. Pain is the main reason for stress so anything you can do to reduce pain will lead to stress relief. Also, the relaxation of a massage helps your body to release endorphins which are your body’s “feel-good” hormones. For stress reduction, apart from some other basic features, the chair should also have zero-gravity seating, LED lighting and MP3 support.


Reduces the Risk of Post-Workout Pain

Even if you are a regular gym visitor, any time you overdo your workout, you will feel that post-workout pain in your body. A massage chair in your home would be the perfect solution for this kind of pain. When you exercise, lactic acid builds up in your muscles which is why they get sore. The massage from the chair will help you to flush that acid from your body, helping to reduce muscle soreness.

Reduces Blood Pressure and Lowers the Heart Rate

These two conditions are closely related to improved circulation and stress reduction. As you sit down in your massage chair and start relaxing, your heart rate naturally starts lowering. Additionally, your circulation and blood flow improves and as a result of it and the blood pressure drops. The more you relax, the more the pressure drops.

These are just some of the most popular benefits of getting a massage chair for your home, the list goes on. However, once you decide that you want to invest in massage chairs, you should make sure that the models you choose match your specific needs. For example, a person who suffers from sciatica will need a chair with very different features than someone who is looking for maximum stress relief.