Face Waxing: The Importance of Personal Care and Hygiene

Most women prefer smooth skin, especially when it comes to their face. This is why aside from their daily skincare routine, many women also regularly remove their facial hair and depending on their chosen method, this may be every few days, or much more rarely. Waxing is considered to be the best method for facial hair removal, mainly because unlike some of the other methods, it removes hair from the root, which means that the effects are longer lasting.

On top of that, it’s much faster than other options because it’s done in seconds, and it doesn’t remove hair by hair, but rather the hair of an entire section. While face waxing may be more painful than creams or shaving, if done right it’s much more efficient and the results are superior in many ways. Besides, the pain isn’t unbearable, and it only lasts a few seconds.

There are two ways to remove your facial hair with wax. Namely, you can either go to a salon, or you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home. Waxing yourself is pretty easy, especially on the parts of your body that are easily reachable and visible, like your face. To do it, you should simply buy a face waxing kit and follow some simple instructions for the hair removal itself, as well as for appropriate skincare after waxing.

Why Should You Use Wax for Facial Hair Removal?

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Waxing is a great way to keep your face smooth for a longer period than other methods of facial hair removal. This is because waxing removes the hair from the roots, unlike creams or shaving. How long your face will be smooth after waxing is different from person to person, but it can go from several weeks up to even a few months. And this is not the best thing about waxing. Many find that regular waxing will even reduce regrowth, so in time, you will need to wax your face less and less.

When you are shaving the hairs regrow almost at the same time, and they are quite rough. This is why sometimes people get the impression that shaving makes hair grow thicker. While this is not true, and neither shaving nor waxing will make your hair grow thicker, when you are waxing, your hair will grow slower and at different rates, but also it will regrow much smoother. And of course, the previously mentioned bonus – because waxing removes the roots, it may even reduce hair regrowth.

Waxing is also the best option when it comes to precision. Namely, when you are using a hair removal cream or a razor, there is a chance to miss some of the hairs. On the other hand, with a face waxing kit, your face can be entirely hair-free. Face waxing also doesn’t take a lot of time, unlike some of the other methods.

How to Get the Best Results?

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If you are using hot wax, you should heat the wax according to the instructions. You should be extremely careful not to heat it too much. Then, you should use the wooden applicator to apply the wax evenly. It’s important that you apply the right amount of wax – it shouldn’t be too thick, but it should cover the hair. You should apply the wax in the direction of the growth of your hair, and you should always do it in small sections.

To remove the hair, depending on the type of wax you are using, you may need to use fabric strips or not. If you are using strips, you should apply the wax and press it on the skin, in the direction of the hair growth. If you are going for a strip-less waxing, you should wait a few moments, until the wax dries and doesn’t feel sticky. Next, you should prepare for the removal of the wax.

If you are using strips, you should always leave a bit of the fabric free at the end, unattached, so that you can easily use it to pull it off, and if you are waxing without strips, you should create a little roll at the end of the layer, and use this roll to remove the wax. For best results, it’s important that you pull quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Pulling the wax or the strip slowly will not remove hair, and it may be very painful.

How to Protect Your Skin from Irritation?

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There are many different face wax kits on the market, and they should come with everything that you will need. Generally, the kit should include a wax heater (or you can find a wax that can be heated in the microwave), cream wax, wooden spatulas for application, the wax, pre-wax cleanser, pre-wax oil, soothing lotion, etc. Waxing your facial hair at home comes with a lot of advantages. You won’t have to go anywhere, which will save you time, it’s cheaper than going to a salon, etc. However, it’s really important to know what you are doing, not only to get the best results, but also to avoid skin irritation, or even hurting yourself.

First of all, to be able to wax at all, you should check the length of your facial hair. If the hair isn’t at least around 6 mm long, the waxing may not be effective, and it may cause ingrown hairs. Before you start, you should make sure that your face is clean, so it’s recommendable that you wash it thoroughly and pat dry your skin, and then, apply the pre-wax products included in the face wax kit. Next, when heating up the wax, you should make sure to follow instructions. The wax should be warm and with the consistency of honey because, obviously, if it’s too hot you can burn your skin.

To avoid burning or irritating your skin, you should avoid applying wax over the same area of the skin twice. After you have removed the unwanted hair, you should use the soothing lotion provided by the face waxing kit. Because waxing exfoliates your skin and opens the pores, you should avoid getting too sweaty immediately after waxing, and you should also avoid direct sunlight. To avoid clogged pores, you should also avoid touching your face, makeup, and other skin products.