Festool Power Tools: Where Quality Meets Excellence

Pros demand and deserve the best. When it comes to tools used in woodworking and carpentry, there’s no comprise with productivity, reliability, and consistent performance. If you’re building your toolset from scratch, or are outright disappointed with what you’ve currently got, consider going for the high-quality offerings from German brand Festool.

Whether you’re sawing, routing, sanding or planning, they’ve got you covered. Throw in the wide range of hand and powered tools for a range of different industries, as well as a fine lineup of tool accessories and storage options, and you’ll be singing to work.

Who are Festool?

Festool tools
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Festool is the woodworking industry’s answer to the slew of low-quality and unreliable tools that many tradies have become accustomed to throughout the years. Let’s face it, if your tools aren’t up to scratch, neither are you, and your work suffers as a result.

You’ll be pardoned if you haven’t heard of Festool tools before. They don’t have the marketing hype or sheer tool number turnaround of the bigger brands. But instead, they choose to spend their money on where it matters – delivering the best tools possible. The company was formed back in 1927 by Gottlieb Stoll and Albert Fezer, and was initially called Fezer and Stoll. Through years of innovation and a couple of name changes (with their powered Tooltechnic tools introduced in 1992), the company has produced some legendary woodworking tools revered even by the most demanding among us.

Headquartered in Wendlingen in Germany, and with production sites in Neidlingen and Illertissen a few miles to the south, as well as Ceska Lipa in the nearby Czech Republic, the company distributes its product to 68 countries worldwide and has subsidiaries in 25. Over 2700 employees oversee production, with the majority of tools heading for export.

A Notable History

The company has come up with some gems over its long history. It all began with the world’s first portable chainsaw at a time when all men chopped down trees with hand tools. This laid the foundation for what was to come. The 1950s saw the invention of the first orbital sander, improving finished results and substantially reducing workloads for painters, carpenters, and automotive repairers. The first guided track circular saw came out in 1964, allowing for higher precision and speed when working with boards. Improvements to dust extraction across all their tools were made possible with patents introduced in the late 1960s and soon copied the world over. The same goes for innovative thinking in tool storage with the ‘systainer’ range of stackable tool boxes coming out in the 1990s.

Since then, Festool has been a leader in forwarding tool design and thinking, constantly offering new products aimed at professionals.

What’s all the Hype about?

Festool tools
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I’ll let Festool tools speak for themselves. But, in short, it’s the unparalleled design, impeccable quality control, industry-leading performance and unrivalled longevity. They’re the tools you’ll want for any job. Backed by a three-year warranty, free parts replacement, and all tools serviced by leading pros in the business. The huge number of industry and product awards (the CDD 12 cordless drill from 1996, the Domino Df 500 joiner from 2006, or the quirky Sysrock DAB+ connected radio from 2016) along with dozens of tool patents ascertain the level of research and strife for quality in innovative woodworking and worksite products.

Who are Festool Tools Aimed at?

Festool produces tools with in-depth research into tool trends and needs, and in direct communication with its customer base – working pros. These are people who rely on the utmost quality to make a living. Think cabinet shops, installers, finishing carpenters, remodelers, or furniture builders. And businesses that put their own stamp of originality and quality control on products made with passion and diligence. The price tags may be higher for both tools, and any products that they help make, but you get something unique and meant to last a lifetime.

Product Range

The company’s product lineup is extensive and covers all matters of woodworking. This includes saws, routers, planers, sanders, dust extractors, and any job with wood. Carpentry and tools used in timber construction, like carpentry, circular and jigsaws, heavy-duty drills and screwdrivers, and tools used in mortising and cutting are also represented with quality offerings. Automotive paint and finishing tools, like grinders and polishers, extend the product range and industry scope. The same applies to flooring and remodelling, with top-shelf angle grinders. The range additionally covers a huge list of attachments, accessories and abrasives as well as specialised tools.
There’s a corded and cordless lineup to meet different customer needs.

Popular Product Examples

Singling out one Festool tool is near impossible. All have earned praise in a range of different jobs. Here are some of the customer favourites, that gain Festool the moniker of market innovator most tool brands wish to emulate:

  1. Festool Domino XL DF 700 Joiner – Based on the revolutionary DF500, but bigger, this is the tool for making the strongest mortise and tenon joints on the move. Still lightweight and portable, the XL DF 700 cuts down on work time and physical strain in heavy-duty joinery work.
  2. Festool TSC55 Cordless Track Saw – Versatile, accurate and portable, this Festool offering stacks up against any bench and mitre saws around. With micro-adjustable depth controls and the ability for flush cutting against any surface anywhere, The TSC55 gives you straight, splinter-free, and precise cuts when used with the rail system. That it’s also cordless, with all-day run times, extends its usability.
  3. RO 150 Orbital Sander – this is the benchmark that sets the highest standard for all other sanders. With its 3-in-1 capability, allowing for coarse and fine sanding, as well as polishing with a range of different attachments, you get the best finishes in wood, paint, metal or lacquer every time.
  4. CT 26 E HEPA Dust Extractor – Festool perfected the fine art of dust removal. This is one example to rule them all. With high suction rates, extremely quiet operation, low power usage, and the ability to work across the whole Festool lineup. High-quality HEPA filters remove even the finest particles, leaving you with a dust-free and finished job.
  5. Find these and hundreds of Festool products from certified dealers and distributors around the country.