First-Time Dog Owner: Important Aspects

Welcoming a dog into your life may seem easier said than done but if there’s one thing it is, it’s rewarding. Sure, dogs are fun but they also demand a lot of responsibility on your part.

There’s no surprise as to why dogs are considered man’s best friend for centuries, they’ve really got your back, they’re loyal, true friends for life, but to be able to take care of them as an owner should, you first have to make your home feel like their home.

For starters, before you adopt, it’s essential to choose the dog carefully, getting to know something about the breed and whether it’s the right match for your lifestyle and home. Sometimes, getting an older dog may work better for people instead of getting a puppy full of energy, so age is also an aspect to be considered.

Once you’ve made up your mind after careful considerations, it’s time to pay a pet supply store a visit and acquire all the basics essential for taking care of a dog such as licences, collars, leashes, bed, crate and toys.

Then there are all the grooming supplies like brushes, shampoos, conditioners, nail clippers, tooth brushes, poop baggies and poop scraper, bowls for food and water that you’d have to provide daily at least three times, and of course treats that double as tooth cleaning tools.

The next step, as important as taking care of the various pet supply necessities, would be to find your ideal vet and go for regular check-ups to ensure your dog lives a long life of quality, preventing illnesses or treating them as soon as they appear.

It’s a must to get it microchipped, providing the needed identification in case it ever gets lost, something that’s essential if you decide to take Fido on your trips too.

Depending on the age, the breed and the health of the dog, you may or may not have to get supplements to enrich its diet which is another reason to be regular with the vet checks.

Following up, regardless of the age of your dog, some basics of training are more than needed for discipline, creating a routine together, as well as what’s allowed and what’s not in terms of hygiene, eating and sleeping habits.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports person or not, fact is your dog can keep your health in check as a good dog owner is one who finds the time to go for walks and play with the dog every day. Yes, having a dog is a lot of responsibility but it pays off with the love and affection you’re going to receive!