The Great Importance of Having the Right Tools for Motorcycle Maintenance

The bond between a rider and his motorcycle is a unique partnership that only people that own or have owned a bike have experienced it. Taking care of your bike means that it will take care of you and it won’t fail you on the road. Of course, to perform the proper maintenance, you need to have the right tools for the task, but remember that with them you can only do the check-up and maintenance.

tools for motorcycle maintenance

Cable Lubricator

This may sound like quite the unnecessary tool but it is very convenient and it does exactly what its name implies. This is one of the easiest tools for motorcycle maintenance to use since all you need to do is screw the cable lubricator on the top end of the cable, take your can and squirt the oil inside. Once bubbles start forming at the end of the cable you are done.

tools for motorcycle maintenance 2

Chain Riveter/ Breaker

The chain breaker/ riveter is used to break your old chain when replacing it with a new one. I know it sounds dangerous but it’s actually safe as long as you are doing it with a good chain breaker. Replacing the chain is usually done every 15,000km to 50,000km but this will vary for every motorcycle, so be sure to check the manual. To finish the job right, you need to spread the rivets on the new master link and change the sprocket because it will wear down the new chain pretty quickly.

tools for motorcycle maintenance 3

Torque Wrench

Keeping your bike in shape also requires you to keep everything intact and fasten any loose bolts. To get it right, you’ll need to fasten them tightly but not too tight nor too loose. This is where one of the most popular tools for motorcycle maintenance comes in helpful – the torque wrench. A loose bolt will rattle and may cause long term damage while a super tight bolt may break and be the cause for an accident. It may be an expensive tool but it will do an impeccable job as it clicks once you’ve reached the needed torque level.

tools for motorcycle maintenance 4

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Checking the pressure of your tyres should be done before every ride as a properly inflated tyre can improve fuel consumption and lead to better performance overall. You can buy either analog or digital pressure gauges. And although digital gauges are more convenient, there is no difference in precision, unless you go for the most expensive gauge on the market. Properly inflated tyres also help reduce the risk of an accident.