Holy Ghost: An Enlightening Movie Review

God always works in mysterious and miraculous ways. I simply love watching movies that try to reveal as much as possible of God’s mysterious plans. Therefore, I can freely say that the most inspirational and deeply spiritual movie that I have watched so far is the Holy Ghost movie, the main theme of which is the miraculous journey of its director and main star Wilson. In the movie, Wilson goes on a journey to Salt Lake City, Monte Carlo and even a Korn concert that was held in India. You can see many featured clips from celebrities and famous Christian leaders talking about the faith and how much the holy spirit means to them.


Daren Wilson funded the movie through the well-known Kickstarter website and raised $357,655 dollars in just 45 days, thus becoming the first faith-based movie that was fully realised through the help of Kickstarter. Since the original amount was surpassed, Wilson promised new tech and streaming options for better experience as soon as possible.

Wilson opens the movie with a great statement in order to get the viewers prepared for something they haven’t seen before. He proves that the Holy Spirit is everywhere, that his presence is felt by all and lists countless of proofs that he is, in fact, real. Without a script, lead by his faith, this movie follows four story lines – each one in Salt Lake City, Monte Carlo, India and Iowa. Most shots of the film are usually done on the streets of these holy places. For example, they help one man by healing his nightmares; in Iowa at the Korn concert they clean the soul of an atheist and in India; they heal the broken leg of an injured man and much more. The main element of the Holy Ghost movie is showing the living and moving force of Christ executed by the Holy Spirit.

Wilson created this film for the purpose of bringing to life something different, something never seen before, a storyline full of excitement that opens the viewers’ eyes to all of the possibilities of Christ. One thing that raised a lot of attention is the guest starring of the famous Korn guitarist Brian Welch and their bassist Reginald Arvizu. They talk openly about Christianity, how God has influenced their lives, saving them from self-destruction and drug addiction.

The Holy Ghost movie is something that will engage you and keep you watching till the very end. Guest starring of various celebrities, beautiful shots from India and Salt Lake City will give you different perspective of different cultures, yet with the same message that God is everywhere and his divine presence fulfil us all.