How Important are Employee Gifts


It is no secret that companies have moved from past bureaucracy organizational to modern structure that emphasizes the respect and appreciation towards employees. Also with so many non-government organization that protect employee rights, no company would risk having any kind of employee exploitation and abuse. Furthermore, management experts say that when a small company starts expanding in size it is very important to start creating unique corporate culture that will implement a rewarding system for employees so owners can show that their unselfish contributions are being appreciated. So all companies, big or small, have found that even the simplest act of giving out employee gifts can be a great motivational technique. You can either buy employee gifts online or from a large retailer – it doesn’t really matter as long as it suits your corporate culture.

But choosing the right employee gifts is unique for each business. What’s important is to choose something that will motivate your employees to thrive your business towards a better future. Here are some tips on how to choose your employee’s gifts.

Customized massage

gifts-packed-in-blueSometimes the best motivation can be a gift card with a powerful phrase from a famous author. Employees themselves have a tendency of reading popular quotes on success and motivation in order to help them get through some busy days. All people who have been working hard for years need a confidence boost or new challenges to keep them going. Hence, there are many sites that offer employee gifts online with an option to personalize.

Know your staff

Different rewards can have different effect on employees. So, before you choose to reward your staff, make sure you HR department has profiled each and every one of them in order to determine which gifts to choose. In our multicultural society we have people working from parts of the world that differ in religion, believes and culture. Think, for instance, what will happen if you choose to give coupons for a grill restaurant to an Indian. Instead of motivating him, you can achieve a counter effect and even offend your employee.

Avoid monetary rewards

As much as people need money, your employees will be most satisfied with a day off work instead of getting a bonus for the week. Yes, bonuses should be included when employees really deserve them, but they rarely see this as an act of appreciation. Surveys have shown that buying even the smallest employee gifts online or from a nearby gift shop will have a greater effect on employees than money will.