How Important Are Hats for Kids: Protection, Comfort and Style All in One

Hats are important, especially when it comes to little ones. Having a hat on your kid’s head is more than only a fashion statement. Children’s hats are essential for protecting their little heads from harsh elements, whether it’s from the scorching or from the extreme cold. That said, when shopping for kids’ hats, comfort and protection should be a top priority.

Remain wary of flimsy yarns, droopy brims, cheap lining and other signs of low quality — these are usually a sign that the hat won’t stay secure or will cause discomfort. To make shopping easier for you, let’s take a look at all-things-hat related.

The Most Popular Materials for Kids Hats

Different hats for kids


Cotton is a popular material for children’s hats because it is soft, easy to clean and readily available. It’s available in many different colours, but most cotton kids hats on the market are simple in design, with a basic brim to shade the child’s face.

Some cotton kids hats are made with a stretchy fabric that can be pulled down over the ears for extra warmth, which can be worn during the winter months. If a hat has a high crown and fits snugly, it will keep the head warm, despite being lightweight, so an organic cotton baby hat or kids hat is the perfect choice for your little one.


Another option is a straw hat, which is more suitable for summertime, as it’s keeping the sun out of your child’s eyes while also offering breathability. Straw is a strong and lightweight material and these kids hats are available in both wide-brimmed and narrow-brimmed styles and can be found at most clothing stores that sell children’s apparel.

When you buy your child a straw hat, look for one with sturdy stitching to ensure longevity. Also, consider purchasing a straw hat with an inner lining to add an extra layer of protection from the sun.

Keep Your Child Safe In Sunny Weather

Kid with hat on sun

Sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation, commonly referred to as UV. The amount of exposure that causes health problems depends on how dark a person’s skin is and on how intense the UV is. That’s why it’s important to always use sun care products with an SPF of a minimum of 30 to protect your little one’s skin.

Additionally, hats are as important as sunscreen when it comes to sun exposure and protection since they create a layer of shade over your kid’s face and protect their head as well, especially if their hair is still growing strong. However, bear in mind that the sunscreen might rub off the hat material or just wear off in general, so it’s important to reapply it every 2 hours.

Hats Protect Children From Bugs And Insects That May Bite Them

Kids can be exposed to various insects and bugs, especially in the summer, but in all other seasons as well. Using bug repellent on your kids is not too safe because bug spray contains harmful chemicals that may be absorbed through the skin and cause negative side effects. By being absorbed through the skin or eyes, it can cause irritation or burning sensation.

For this reason, children should always be protected from these insects by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when playing outdoors. They should also wear hats because these pests tend to rest on top of the head. Hats with a mesh net inside them will help keep ticks and other insects away from the child’s body if you’re camping or otherwise spending time in the great outdoors.

The Right Hat Can Keep Your Child Comfortable As The Weather Gets Colder

Mother and kid with hats for colder weather

If the temperature outside is dropping, you will want to be sure your child stays comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is with a hat that can keep them warm without being too bulky or uncomfortable. The hat should be made of quality cotton, with a snug fit, and if possible with a wool lining. A hat that is too loose will not keep your child’s head warm and may slip off easily, so choose a hat with a chin strap to keep it in place, which also prevents the hat from blowing off in the wind when you are outside.

A winter hat with ear flaps can also be helpful in keeping the rest of your child’s head warm. If they are wearing a hat that has ear flaps, they will feel more comfortable overall. Most people find that even when they are wearing earmuffs, the rest of their head will stay warm as well, so earmuffs are an option, too.

When to Replace Your Child’s Hat

There are certain times in your child’s development when it is important to replace their hats because the hats are not adjustable and the size of their head will change during this time. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is wearing a new hat when they grow out of their old one.

For instance, if your child is constantly tugging at their hat or if it seems too tight, then it is probably time to buy a new one. Young kids have head growth spurts which means that they can grow a lot in a single year.

To Sum Up

Hats are not just a matter of practicality, because there is a lot more to them than first meets the eye. Variations in protection, style and comfort make it difficult to single out the best choice for anyone, but there are also features that serve as commonalities for nearly all hats. In the end, it comes down to a choice of what is best for your child and their needs. There are so many positive benefits to wearing a hat that it can be hard not to see the value when choosing one for your child.