How Important are Printer Inks for the Quality of Your Photographs?

Being part of the technology-driven world of today means electronics hold a special place in our lives. Though you might think you still aren’t much of an electronics addict, you have to admit you can’t go a day without using them. Since it all starts with an idea, it takes courage to be able to bring it to realisation and inventors certainly didn’t let anything discourage them. Thanks to that boldness, we are witnesses of how far technology has gone by now. We needn’t look further than photography for that – our chance to create memories that last. The groundbreaking step that happened was taking the art of producing photographs away from darkrooms. With the adequate printer, you can print out photographs just about anywhere.


However, there’s more to it than just having the right printer and it has to do with the quality of photography you produce (not just your eye for perfect shots). You might have heard getting remarkable printing results is closely related to the kind of paper you choose, but the kind of ink used is just as important in this aspect. This means the ink you invest in matters a great deal, not just for photography, but for the unobstructed functioning of the print head as well. Considering the price, people may be drawn to third party ink, however, that can only clog the print heads and disrupt the work of the cartridge altogether so it’s advisable to give more thought to your choice and buy quality printer inks for sale (guessing it’s quality printing outcome you’re after).

The decision you make for which ink type to use goes as far as influencing your decision for the kind of printer you’d have to buy, be it dye-based or pigment inkjet printer. It’s good to consider the pros and cons of both regarding the range of colours, fading and how they withstand humidity and light. Dye inks come in droplets whereas pigment inks are comprised of liquid suspended particles and the main difference is in the absorption process, with dry inks being absorbed by the surface of the paper while the particles of pigment ink remain on the surface. Make sure you do your research and get to know more about the different printer inks for sale, since the choice is vast.


If you’re an avid social networks user (then again who isn’t), you’re aware of the ease of sharing images all over the world, but you only get to see them digitally. There are plenty of reasons why you should make use of the printer. By producing printed photography people would marvel at, you leave no room for photo albums becoming a thing of the past. Oh, and photo frames. This way you’ll never run out of decorating pieces for your interior décor.