How Important Are The Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are special heavy-duty vehicles which are sued for transportation of gravel, dirt and sand from one job site to another. They are also used for removing waste materials, such as old bricks, tree stumps, electrical wiring, excavated dirt, etc. Aside from delivering and removing construction materials on construction sites, these vehicles are used for many other applications that involve collecting and removing materials. The dump trucks vary greatly in size, specifications and configuration.


The dump trucks are easy to recognize, since they come with sturdy truck bed that is mounted at the rear end. The truck bed has an open gate with a hydraulic lift at the front, and a dump hoist which is most commonly hydraulically operated. The dump hoist is responsible for depositing the truck contents to the ground at the delivery site. Unlike the open-bed trucks, the dump trucks for sale come with a closed bed for loading greater amounts of materials, so they can also transport loose materials. Basically, the dump trucks can be seen on every construction site.

Today, the dump trucks play a very important role in the construction industry, and they are also important machines in the mining industry. But the dump trucks used in the construction and mining sector are different in terms of size, capacity and bed type. Here are some of the most common dump trucks for sale:

  • Standard Dump Truck: This is a basic dump truck that comes with a full truck chassis and a truck bed mounted on the heavy-duty frame. Between the truck cab and the truck bed, there is a hydraulic ram that is used for raising and lowering the truck bed. This dump truck is generally used for transportation of construction materials.
  • Articulated Dump Truck: The articulated dump truck is most commonly used in the construction industry. It offers great carrying capacity, and it is used for hauling extremely heavy loads. The articulated dump truck is commonly regarded as a semi trailer end dump truck. For long distance transportation or transportation over rough terrains, the articulated dump trucks for sale are the best option.
  • Transfer Dump Truck: This model pulls a separate trailer, which is also known as portable cargo container. This separate trailer is powered by electric or pneumatic motor. This dump truck offers many advantages, in terms of maximized payload and exceptional maneuverability.