How Important Is A Laser Grader For Building An Equestrian Facility

Grading is a specific construction procedure of creating a surface with a specified slope. Many construction projects, like setting a foundation, construction of roads, railways, and runways usually involve a grading process. A variety of grading machines can be used for this construction procedure. Generally, a typical grading process requires at least 2 different types of machines. First, excavators or bulldozers are used for preparing a specific area, and then a grader is used for creating smooth surface. One of the latest innovations which is used for grading is the laser grader.


The laser grader relies on laser technology for better and more accurate results. Although similar to the basic graders, the laser grader is more accurate and highly efficient device. The laser grader uses a beam of light for setting a grade on a surface, which provides optimal grading results. When accurate grading is needed for specific construction or maintenance operations, the laser grader is the first choice for many construction engineers. It is designed with a hydraulic valve, a laser receiver, a grading box, and laser controls.

One of the most common projects where a laser grader is being used is the construction of an equestrian facility. This construction project is very expensive, because it involves more than digging and leveling the ground. The cost-efficient laser grader is used to ensure that the field design and construction specifications will be met, but also it provides an incredible grading accuracy which is essential. The laser technology allows the construction engineers to create a surface which is suitable for horse riding. From sub-base to finish grade, the laser graders ensure that the equestrian facility will be constructed according to the plan which has been developed from the start.

The most important thing that needs to be considered when constructing an equestrian facility is the consistency of the slope. The slope ensures that the site will drain properly. If the site does not drain sufficiently, the low points will collect big amounts of water. The water may compromise the integrity and the hardness of the surface and may cause future surface failures. Also, the soft spots may injure the horse legs and muscles, because the surface is unsafe and unstable for them. Uncomfortable surface can damage the rider as well. With the laser grader, this is not the case. These machines completely eliminate the low and high points that may collect water, allowing the construction engineers to meet the required grade and slope.