How Important Is To Maintain Your Pool


A swimming pool means many hours of fun, which is why it requires certain maintenance. The pool must be clean at all times to prevent certain health issues and diseases. Here’s why it is important to maintain your pool regularly. For example, did you know that various skin diseases develop due to poorly maintained pool? Chlorine irritation, which is caused by high levels of chlorine in thewater, i s one of them. It is important to disinfect your pool with chlorine as it fights organism that causes cholera and typhoid, but be aware of the amount of chlorine you add to your swimming pool. But regular mainetnance will not only save you the trip to your dermsatologist, but will also improve the appearance of your pool. Crystal clear water is always more inviting. Therefore, make sure you maintain your pool to boost your fun this summer. Here’s how.

Clean The Inside Of The Pool Before Filling It With Water – Before summer begins, empty your pool and seize the only chance you have to thoroughly clean it. It is best to use a portable pressure washer as it is the most effective way to clean the tiles and grout. It uses the low pressure water from the garden hose and boost the pressure with a special pump, usually powered by either a gasoline engine or electric motor.

Portable pressure washer is available in every home improvement store and depending on the model, brand and size, the price varies. It may seem as a costly investment, but in the long run, it will save you money and time. Besides, you can use portable pressure washer to clean patio, driveway, windows, etc. Also, there are many online retailers who offer new and used portable pressure washer at down-to-earth prices. Search online, read customers reviews and get one today to ensure super clean pool.

Get Rid Of Debris – The first step is to get rid of debris. Empty the skimmer basket and skim the surface of the pool for floating debris with a net. This is a basic procedure for those who have their pools surrounded by trees and bushes.

Regulate The Chlorine Levels – Pool water needs chlorine, but only certain amount. You should maintain the chlorine level at 1-3 ppm and add it gradually, not at once. Automatic chlorine feeder is the best choice to be sure the chlorine is added safely and gradually.

Check The pH – The levels of your pool water pH should be between 7.6 and 7.8. If the level of pH is above 7.8, add muriatic acid. If it is under 7.6, add soda asd product.

Clean The Pump Filter – Shut the system off and clean the pump filter.

Check The Water Level – Large amount of water goes out of the pool because of the splashing and jumping into the pool. Check the water level to make sure that it is not below the level of the skimmer, otherwise the pump will be damaged.