How important it is to make a log book service

Log Book

People don’t seem to realize how important regular service is for a new car. The illusion that a new car will run smoothly during first years without severe problems is most common among car owners. In fact, this is a crucial period in a car’s life because if proper car maintenance is done in the first 2-3 years it will affect the whole life cycle. This doesn’t mean that owners need to visit a mechanic every month, but at least they can follow log book service guidelines. Log book maintenance is nothing more but a regular car service done according to your manufacturer’s specifications. All drivers need to do, is find some time to take their car for a scheduled check in order to avoid serious damages and costly repairs.

We know that most drivers are not skilled mechanics and don’t take their cars for regular inspections until dashboard warning lights are on. What people need to realize is that a car’s life expectancy will be prolonged if they avoid these situations and just stick to the log book service schedule. Manufacturers have their own auto shops where skilled professionals will check your car and repair any malfunctioning part. If you live far from these shops, most manufacturers cooperate with many local mechanics and train them on how to best perform service for a specific model. This way you can cut fuel costs and just take your car to the nearest certified car mechanic in Melbourne or other area.

Log books are the most reliable documents that buyers will trust when you decide to sell your car. Hence, they include exact mileage of the car and which repairs have been made over the period of ownership. Considering how many used cars are being sold on the market, having this kind of document will attract more buyers and allow you to sell your car at a higher price.

Log book service is even more important for company vehicles that do deliveries. Taxation offices require detailed information for every delivery including weight, miles, fuel and other data. Any information that’s not included can result in penalties and/or higher tax fees. For instance, car repairs in Melbourne for a company vehicle can cost you double if you don’t show proper log book information.

Nevertheless, whether you are a private owner or a company vehicle owner, it is best to respect log book schedules now then feel consequences later.