How Important It Is to Take Care of Your Body: Great Ways to Reduce Pain

Ouch!, My back aches, my hip hurts, my muscles ache. I have a bad back. Does any of this sound like you? For most of us, this is our constant pain. Our body aches. I am sure we are all dealing with the same issues once we hit 30. We didn’t think about our back until it was too late. Should we have had proper bending and lifting techniques in our younger days maybe we could avoid this pain. However, all is not lost. Now is the time to take back control of our bodies. Let’s see the best methods to regain strength and minimise body pain.

Home Massage Chair

Did you know just 15 minutes in a massage recliner chair could reduce stress, and anxiety and lower feelings of depression? So, why not bring this goodie to your home? A high-quality massage recliner chair is the king when it comes to reducing body pain. Aches and pains don’t just suddenly come about, for the most part. The painful sensations come from years of not giving our body the proper care it needs, or not having the circumstances to do so.

Home Massage Chair

Your at-home massage chair is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving. If you have had a massage before how did you feel after? Perhaps a bit sore, but later you feel relieved. To keep that relief you must regularly go back. It is recommended to have a massage once or twice a week until you start to see improvement in pain management. This treatment can last for a while.

So, how does having a home massage chair compare to going to a salon each week?

Salon Massage vs. Home Massage Chair

A massage in Australia is about 55 – 100 AUD. For simplicity, let’s say 75 AUD. So 75 AUD X 2 times a week x 52 weeks in a year = 3,900 dollars. Remember this is only for one year and we didn’t even add in the time and gas to get to the massage salon.

In comparison, the cost of a massage recliner chair is from 5,000 AUD to 12,000 AUD. So, for the cheaper but by no means lesser quality chair you can see after a little over a year that your massages don’t have to stop. Most chairs come with a three-year warranty that can be extended.

So here we go again, more math. After 5 years of owning a recliner chair, you save a total of 14,500 AUD. That’s 5 years x 3,900 AUD for a salon massage – 5000 AUD for the chair and you are still left with some bang for your buck.

It’s very often hard for us to see the potential of making smart investments for the future but I know you will be grateful as you can treat your complete body to a recliner massage chair whenever you want without leaving your home.

Massage Chair Features

  • 14 fixed massage rollers for massaging every part of your body
  • Built-in surround speakers for your relaxing tunes
  • Hot Stone Massage – Yes, I said this right. You can have a special treatment that radiates heats up to 50˚C to soothe sore muscles.
  • 30 Air compression cushions for arms, shoulders, back, hips, waist, legs, and feet,
  • Relaxing foot massage with reflexology rollers. This improves blood circulation hitting all the pressure points that help with pain relief
Massage Chair Features

Are you starting to see how great this can benefit you? Just 15-20 minutes 2 to 3 times a week is enough to see a huge difference in how you feel. I want you to be free of pain just as much as you do.

Inversion Table

When we hear inversion we immediately think upside down. That is the position that your body is turned to safely giving you the optimal stretch.

Inversion tables don’t take up much space in your home and are relatively inexpensive starting at around 600 dollars. Your body in an inverted state has so many benefits, here are a few:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Decreases stiffness in the back
  • Inversion helps to keep your spine healthy and lubricated

There are endless benefits to an inversion table. Think about how you feel when you wake up in the morning and give your body a full stretch. Imagine that x 10. With an inversion table, your ankles are secured in place while your body weight moves you into the inverted state. You only need 5 minutes twice a day to get the benefits of this amazing device. No more back pain is just around the corner.

Self Massagers

Perhaps we don’t have time to sit in a chair for a massage, but our body is craving it. Self-massagers come in a wide variety for each different body part. Here are some of the best to consider:

Tapping Body Massager
  • Massage Glove – This handy device has seven rotating balls on one side and a stimulating texture for dry brushing the skin on the other side. It fits snuggly in your desk when you need a 5-minute refresh.
  • Tapping Body Massager – Tapping massage techniques are part of Japanese Shiatsu massage which uses pressure to restore energy to your body. This relieves stiffness, stimulates blood flow, and boosts circulation. It is small and easy to use for instant relief of daily stresses. Your co-workers will become envious.
  • Elite Percussive Therapy Massager – A deep muscle tension massager made to loosen up the tension in your body. Since we store our stress in our body, let it out with this easy-to-use full-body massager. Whether is for after weight lifting or a long work day. You can follow an app that tells you the specific moves that will give you what you need. Let all the tension out of the room.

Do You Need These?

Why do you need to take care of your pains? No one knows his pain as well as himself. By taking care of your body physically you take care of it mentally and in turn, have a higher quality of life. So I encourage you to take care of your pain and manage it to reduce it and soon eliminate it. One day you can say pain, who?