How Important Looks Are In A Relationship

you are beautiful

Regardless of the fact that majority of men and women claim that it is the inner beauty that matters, most people are guided by physical attraction when it comes to dating and choosing a partner. There is no doubt that the strength of a relationship greatly depends on couple’s emotional connection, nowadays this is far from sufficient to maintain a long and successful relationship. Recent surveys showed that over 75% of couples think looks are very important, at least in the first five years of a relationship. Yes, some may debate this and disagree, but who are we kidding – we are all stimulated by our visual senses first, which is why we all, regardless of gender, gravitate towards physical appeal rather than great personality.

And while most women are aware of this, many of them stop paying attention to their looks at some point in their relationship. If you’re nodding at this point, then think of what’s stopping you from looking beautiful all the time. Maybe you’re too busy with your hectic work schedule; or are preoccupied with various house chore; or maybe fatigue is to blame; or just simple laziness due to the fact that you have become comfortable in your relationship. But you don’t need me nor a stylist to tell you that your relationship will be even stronger and your self-esteem higher if you put on a bit of makeup and smell good. That’s a no-brainer. However, even though you know better, you most likely come up with different excuses to skip styling hours – blow drying is not good for hair; or sweatpants are just so comfortable; that branded perfume is not on the budget list for this month, etc.


Now let’s think for a moment – when was the last time your hubby complimented you on your looks (and no, bedroom talk does not count). When was the last time he liked the way you looked in that revealing dress; or that he loves your makeup; or that you’re smelling good? I f your answer is not ‘last week’, then you need to rethink your styling habits. And honestly, it doesn’t take much to look good. No time for makeup, no problem. Put on a mascara, shimmering lip gloss, sensual perfume and you’re good to go. Your hubby will surely glance away from a TV. Therefore, ransack your closet and find the dress he really loved seeing you in it. It will certainly rekindle some old flame and memories. Trust me, he will not be able to keep his hands off you.


So, the next time you think you simply can’t spare a single minute on makeup and simple hairdo, think again. Yes, it is true that with today’s way of living where time is money, it is hard to check off everything on the always-look-beautiful list. But there are quick and simple fixes that will surely cause some jaw-dropping. Sometimes, even a perfume is enough. Smelling good is of utmost importance when it comes to appeal, so spray on a perfume your hubby loves on you and enjoy little cuddling.