Importance Of Antique Restoration

Although everything nowadays is about being modern and hi-tech, the popularity of antiques is still great. This is because growing number of people are realizing just how irreplaceable an antique piece can be and also how valuable it can become. Maybe the reason is ongoing ‘old is new’ interior designing trend. Whichever it is, antiques are gaining back the respect and glory they once had.


Unfortunately, finding a piece of antique that is not damaged in any way is very rare. In fact, considering the journey through time, it is pretty much expected for an antique to have some flaws and sometimes this can even increase the value of a piece. Of course, once you get hold of such valuable, you’ll most likely want to keep it from further deterioration and also ensure you do not diminish the value the piece with repairs. Hence, the importance of antique restoration in preserving the history and beauty of your antique.

So, do not throw away that old dresser you’ve inherited from your grandmother yet. From burn to water stains and marks, antique restoration can effectively treat even the very badly damaged pieces easily. Antique restoration is all about restoring the piece to its original condition. The process involves necessary and restorative repair including the structure, non-structural parts, repairs to the coating or finish, etc. However, in order not to devalue the piece, only original materials should be used in the process to retaining its old appearance.

An antique restoration should and must always be able to be undone. For example, the glue used during the restoration process should be able to be easily dissolved without causing any damage to the piece. Such repair is a costly investment, but worth the money. So before letting someone work on your antique, ask if the process can be reversed. If the answer is negative, either ask for a different alternative or hire someone else. It is crucial to have a professional do the restoration, especially if you are not skilled.

Properly done restoration will maintain or even increase the value of the piece. However, if you are planning on selling your antique piece after it has been restored, it is important to have it appraised first. It pays to know the true value of your antique. Hence, hire a reputable antiques appraiser.