Importance Of Choosing The Right Air Compressor For Your Needs

The air compressors have been used for many years. One of the main reasons for their huge popularity is the fact that the air these machines use as a resource is convenient, clean, flexible and safe. With time, the compressors became reliable pieces of equipment that are vital for many applications. If you are looking to buy air compressor, you will find out that these devices come in many different sizes and types. Although coming in different sizes and designs, they all perform the same function. When choosing an air compressor, it’s quite essential to understand your basic needs and to specify how you plan to use your air tools. When on the market for air compressor, consider the following things:


Air Flow

One of the most important factors you need to consider before you buy air compressor is the amount of power that is needed. This power can be measured in different types of units, but the most common is CFM (cubic feet per minute). Before making your purchase, you should identify the CFM requirements of your air tools, so you can select the right air compressor that will provide you high level of effectiveness.

Electrical or Gasoline

Another thing to consider is the fuel type. Generally, you can choose between electrical and gasoline powered air compressors. Many people who already have experience with these machines recommend the natural gas air compressors because they are very reliable, reduce the electric energy consumption and are cost effective too. If you are planning to use your air compressor extensively, you should keep in mind these features.

Portable or Stationary

You can choose between portable and stationary air compressors. The portable compressors are very efficient because they offer you the flexibility to have compressed air anywhere you need it. They require low maintenance, while also providing benefits like less noise, greater fuel efficiency and lower weight. On the other hand, the stationary compressors cannot be moved from one side to another. They are much larger in size, but offer more power when compered to the portable compressors.

Tank Size

These machines generally work by using air stored in their tanks. As a result, the amount of compressed air will have influence on how well your air tools will run. So, if you plan to use air tools that require constant air, you should consider buying a compressor that comes with larger tank, otherwise you can buy air compressor with smaller tank.

Pump Types

You can select between two different types of pumps: a belt-driven and direct-drive pump. The second one is lightweight and has a life span of five hundred hours. If you buy air compressor with such pump, you cannot use it for heavy projects but only for small jobs around your house. The belt-driven pump is more quiet, last three times longer but requires oil change from time to time.