The Importance of Details in Your Home: Bench Seats

bench seat indoor

Who says your living room furniture should only consist of a sofa, a chair and a coffee table? Details are what make rooms comfortable and fun and it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be small and unnoticeable. My latest favourite decoration choice are the indoor bench seats because they are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Often overlooked, these outdoors associated pieces of furnitre deserve a special place in your living room, your bedroom or if you’re one of those glamorous crib owners around, in your bathroom.

You might think why a bench seat out of all the furniture? Well, they are easy to move around, you can easily find one that will match your overall home style and they’re not just a simple decoration, you can actually use them as an additional seat. If you’re still hesitating about the idea, here are some tips on how to use a bench seat indoor style to redefine the look of a specific area.


1. A Bench Seat as Your Getaway Spot for Reading

A place every bookworm needs in their life! There are many bench seats that offer a small storage that can come in handy for all the book lovers out there. Find your favourite window in the house, place a bench seat by its side and make it your own little home library.

2. A Bench Seat in Your Dining Area

You can always make your dining room stylish with a bench seat. Take out your old, boring chairs and welcome a bench seat for a more fun way to share food with your family and friends. Everyone will love it!

3. A Bench Seat in the Entryway

The first impression is always the most important one, especially when entering a house. You can decorate your entryway with a bench seat as a waiting area or a place where you can sit down to put on your shoes. The best bench seats for an entryway are the ones that offer storage, that way you can use it to place your shoes and other utensils there.

4. A Bedroom Bench Seat

Have you ever watched MTV’s Cribs? If you have, you’ll know that celebrities really love their bedrooms and they make the most out of them! Although we use our bedrooms mostly for sleeping, it doesn’t mean we have to leave them be dull and messy. You can choose a bench seat that will match your bedroom’s sheets and place it in front of your bed, decorating it with some bright coloured pillows and blankets.


Get creative and run to a furniture store (or start your online quest) and make your home look exciting again. Give your rooms a bold bench seat indoor look that will bring freshness into your home décor and call your friends to brag about it. And trust me, they’ll want one too.