The Importance of Garden Supplies in Planting a Green Come True

In the innovative world of today, there is a variety of products to choose from basically in every field, including gardening. Speaking of it, there is an extensive line of products available on the market, so it is of utmost importance that you know what you need and why you need it. As with almost all other things, you will probably need to try out a couple of garden supplies before you actually realize what suits your style and needs best.

Purchasing high quality garden supplies is of the ultimate importance when shopping. Some gardeners like to buy a bunch of specialty tools, but I recommend you to start with the basics. When looking for garden supplies for sale, buy the best products you can afford, especially if you plan on using them frequently. For high quality and long lasting tools, look for ones made from forged steel. Also, check if their handles are securely attached. Handles that are forged to the tool’s head are often stronger than handles that slip into a metal sleeve.

Garden Supplies

Size and weight are also important factors to keep in mind when looking for garden supplies for sale, as they can impact your ability to work with the tools. You don’t want a tool that is too heavy as it will be harder to maneuver with it. To help you out equip yourself with only the best, here are some of the basic garden supplies you should purchase.

  • A trowel is a hand tool that you will need for digging small holes to transplant, make a small seed row and dig out bigger weeds. Trowels that feature ergonomic and cushioned handles offer extra comfort for prolonged use.
  • A shovel is another hand tool for digging and moving loose materials. You can buy one with a rounded, pointed, or flat edge. I personally have a rounded shovel that I use to dig holes for all sorts of planting.
  • A hand pruner is necessary for trimming back deadheading, small branches and harvesting plants. Look for a model that comes with curved blades as they make a nice clean cut while pruning.
  • A spade fork, with its long flat tines, works well for digging up clumps of perennial weeds and for dividing perennial flowers. But it can also be used for aerating and loosening the soil as well as for harvesting root crops and potatoes.

Maintaining your garden supplies is equally important as having them. Garden tools need to be well protected from the elements, and when not in use, should be stored properly. I like to keep my long tools hanging on hooks and the smaller ones hanging on the peg board in the garage. This is a great way to keep them protected, organized and out of your way in the garage.