The Importance of Hiring Professional Services for Your Pet’s Air Travel

Pet Quarantine

Isn’t it wonderful how nowadays we can easily go from one side of the globe, all the way to the other, thanks to planes? It makes the world seem smaller, and offers us the possibilities to get to know more of it. As a travel enthusiast myself, and animal lover at that, of course I couldn’t imagine my trips around the world without my beloved cat, Mr. Bates, though I have to admit it hasn’t exactly always been a stress-free experience.

I’m sure many pet owners like me have gone through a similar experience, so wanting to help out others who have yet to go on trips with their furry friends, I’ve come up with some important points to share.

First of all, if you want to save yourself the anxiety, and spare your pet of the fear of travelling, hire the services of professionals. It’s the best investment you can make in the long run, as they have all the experience in pet transportation and relocation, and most of all they know everything about pet quarantine, and quarantine clearance. All it takes is just doing a bit of research of your own to find the trustworthy professionals to entrust your pet with.

Since countries are divided into three categories, based on their quarantine requirements, i.e. high-rabies, rabies-controlled, and rabies-free countries, different countries have different laws, and this is what professionals are informed on.

Likewise, along with pet quarantine services (if necessary), they can help you out with customs clearances, as well as import permits. Related to quarantine, you can also get assistance from vets, in the likes of getting the necessary vaccines, blood tests, certificates, and microchips.

Given that reliable pet transport companies have a network of pet carers, they can give you the peace of mind creating a whole itinerary of your pet’s trip, draft it out for you beforehand so you’d know the costs, and arrange a service from door to door, meaning they can pick up your pet from your home, accompany it throughout the journey, and deliver it at the destination.

This includes arranging boarding for you, as well as adequate pet hotel accommodation in case there’s more than a two-hour layover. Let’s not forget the necessity for pet kennels, and the different air companies’ specifications. While you may waste time trying to find out about certain air companies, and the adequate kennel, the pet transport companies can save you the bother by supplying you with the right one.

Now Mr. Bates and I have some packing to do, before professionals come pick him up, so we can embark on planes and have our share of European adventures for a couple of months. Safe travels!