The Importance of LED Garden Lights for Your Home’s Safety and Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting is one of the essential elements in a well-designed garden. Unfortunately, people fail to notice its importance and either completely overlook it or execute it poorly. However, when correctly applied, outdoor lights have not only a practical purpose, but also showcase and aesthetically enhance the various landscape elements.

When creating a lighting theme for your garden, whether by yourself or with the help of a landscape expert, you should remember one thing: Exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting. This means that it should provide proper visibility to make the space safe and functional while being able to achieve a pleasant atmosphere. And the type of lights you’re going to use plays a great role in succeeding in that. For that matter, it’s advisable that you choose a modern option such as LED outside garden lights.

garden path lights Led2

What sets LED lights apart from other illumination sources is their great versatility. On the Australian market there’s a great range of impressive LED outside garden lights such as bollard lights, spotlights, up lighting, downlighting, path lights, and even strip lights. What this means is that you can use the same kind of illumination throughout your entire garden and preserve a tasteful balance. Moreover, LED outside garden lights are a huge energy and money saver with lifespan of up to 50 000 hours and using up 75% less electricity than halogen and incandescent lights.

Besides being more energy-efficient than other outdoor lighting, LED lights can also infuse a garden with an appropriate dose of drama and give it a whole different persona when the night rolls in. For instance, regular or coloured LED light strips can accent architectural features in a stunning way and help create a contemporary setting. But if you’re more into the traditional, lanterns and lampposts placed on the entrance of your garden, can give your outdoor space an impressive classic charm.

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Another beneficial aspect of LED outside garden lights is their ability to transform your yard into a magnet for people. A well-lit garden is an inviting space which people will feel safe in. Subtle ambient illumination achieved with up lighting garden hedges and flower beds creates the perfect backdrop for a lounge area. Strategically placed LED path lights along a meandering path will guide your visitors gently, giving them a sense of security and tranquillity. If your garden features any trees, consider mounting spotlights on them that will emit a shadowy glow and be the perfect source of illumination for casual garden get-togethers.

Finally, if not for aesthetic reasons, consider properly lighting the exterior of your home for your own safety. Trespassers or thieves will be discouraged from entering your property if they think they will be easily seen. For instance, mounting LED flood lights mounted on all walls of the house will ensure that there are no dark corners for anyone to hide in. If you don’t want to leave the lights on throughout the whole night, consider installing a sensor which will not only give you a visible signal anytime someone puts foot on your property, but will also scare away any pesky animals.