Importance Of Mini Excavator For Overall Productivity

For long time the mini excavator was considered as toy, but that was the time when the mini excavators were not as good as today. The mini excavators have been through many significant improvements over the years and have earned the respect of those who considered them as toys. Today, there are different mini excavators on the market, and they are usually classified by their operating weight, like 1 tonne, 3 tonne, and 5 tonne excavator. The 3 tonne excavator is most commonly used. This machine is in fact a smaller version of the large excavator that can be seen at the construction job sites. Although small, the mini excavator is compact and capable to perform big jobs quickly and efficiently.

A basic 3 tonne excavator is less than a meter in width, which means it can move through most gates. Practically, it can access everywhere, even in narrow and tight places. If you need a bigger mini excavator, there is the 5 tonne excavator which is longer in width, suitable for heavy-duty projects, such as demolition jobs. However, the 3 tonne excavator is the preferred option when it comes to choosing a mini excavator.


The 3 tonne excavator provides you with an incredible versatility. It is suitable for a variety of tasks: grading, clearing, loading, augering, breaking concrete, landscaping, ripping, compacting, trenching and craning. Also, the 3 tonne excavator is ideal for homeowners that perform small landscaping projects. Whether you are planting or trenching, with mini excavator you will finish you work much faster.

For different applications, there are different excavator attachments. The mini excavators can be equipped with a variety of attachments for completing different jobs at the same time. For simple and convenient attachment changes, most mini excavators come with a quick-attach system that allows faster and easier attachment switch.

The mini excavators can improve the productivity significantly, whether you are involved in the construction, landscaping industry or you are just a homeowner who often works in the garden. If you need to do some major work in your garden, your best option is to rent a 3 tonne excavator. The 3 tonne excavator will carry out all the back-breaking work in a shorter period of time with minimal efforts. If you are involved in the construction or landscaping industry, the 3 tonne excavator can be your can-do-it-all machine.