Importance of Living a Healthy Life: Electric Bicycles Buying Guide

One new type of individual transport that’s becoming more and more popular across the globe is the electric bicycle. The main difference between these so-called e-bikes and conventional bikes is that they have assisted pedalling, which means that effort is considerably reduced, even though the user still needs to use their muscles and spend energy.

Innovation in Individual Transportation

girl riding an electric bicycle through traffic

As the name suggests, these bicycles use electric power as fuel. The battery that is incorporated in the bike is capable of storing energy – typically made of lead, nickel-metal hybrid, or lithium-ion – which can allow approximately around 30km on average, after which it has to be recharged again. Another thing that makes them different from their traditional counterparts is that they feature an electric motor. This motor, which makes this sustainable vehicle go faster, is usually placed in the rear wheel.

Naturally, they also feature an accumulator, as well as sensors that detect whether or not the pedals are being used. In the handlebar, there is a system controller, whose role is to inform the biker whether the battery needs to be charged or not, as well as regulate the intensity of the electric assistance.

Like with the conventional models, there are different types of electric bikes. In other words, you can a mountain e bikes, road, trekking bikes, cruisers, cross bikes, tandems, and so on. This means that just like when you are getting other types of vehicles, whether it’s a skateboard, a bike or a car when you are getting an e-bike, you should determine how you are going to use it before purchasing one.

Bringing Awesome Changes

There are many reasons why people get electric cycles to move around the city, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, for shorter or longer destinations, and convenience is probably the most common one of them. Like most vehicles, especially those requiring balance and physical effort on your part, and those that allow you to feel the wind through your hair, riding e-bikes is simply very fun. However, they are also a means of transport, and a great one at that for many other reasons.

Health-Promoting but Adaptable to Your Requirements

woman and elderly man riding electric cycles in the forest

Slower than a motorcycle, but faster than a conventional bicycle, an electric bike can help you get to where you need to go relatively fast, in a more efficient way, both in terms of force used and, of course, fuel. Essentially, it is simply more effective than a traditional bike because it will get you farther for the same amount of physical effort and time. Another important thing contributing to their conventionality is that electric bicycle’s batteries can be extracted out of the bikes. This will make recharging them quite simply. And most importantly, you can recharge them at home.

Electric bikes are easy to use and easy to master. They are suitable for people of all ages and abilities. They can provide you with as much help as you want, depending on how much you want to work out, or how tired you are. So, regardless of how strong you are, and how much stamina you have, you can ride your e bike.

The truth is that regardless of what we are talking about nothing ever beats health benefits. So, if staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle is important to you, electric cycles are the ideal vehicle for you. Even though riding one may be easier, it still keeps you physically active, which makes them a health-promoting vehicle. And that’s the best part about it: even though you don’t have to be fit to start riding one, little by little riding one will make you fitter and fitter.


girl riding electric bike in nature

Electric bicycles may be convenient for us for many reasons, but the truth is that they are the most convenient for our beautiful planet. They also don’t contaminate the air and they are environmentally friendly. Moreover, just like traditional bicycles, they are also quiet. All of this makes them a very responsible choice of vehicle. In other words, if you want to decrease your carbon footprint, if sustainability and environmental responsibility are important for you, electric bikes are the right choice for you.

In effect, e-bikes allow you more mobility than conventional ones, and aside from being a good alternative to regular bicycles, if speed and efficiency are important to you, they are also more convenient than motorcycles for several reasons. The first one is that even though they may be slower, unlike motorbikes, they provide you with the physical activity you need to stay fit and healthy. The second one is that they are smaller than motorcycles, which makes them easier to manoeuvre around the city. They can even be foldable, so you can take them on public transport.


For many people, the most attractive thing about an electric powered bicycle is that even though it’s faster and it will help you get to places without getting too sweaty, it’s also much more cost-effective than other fuel-run vehicles. With these bikes, you don’t need to buy fuel all the time, so obviously, you will also spend much less money.

Nevertheless, this is not the only way e-bikes are less expensive than other means of transport. Even though they do need power, when you compare them with motorcycles or other vehicles that run on fuel, e-bikes run for free (except if you consider charging the batteries). Moreover, unlike other vehicles, you won’t have to pay for insurance or fines. and there is much less maintenance to worry about.