Importance Of Mural Wall Art In Interior Design: How To Give Your Walls The Wow Factor

You have to admit there is no greater satisfaction than inviting someone into your home and getting swamped with compliments about how great your interior décor is. And yes I know those “wow” sighs are not that easy to get; it takes weeks or maybe even months of planning, choosing the most appropriate colours and designs and putting everything together. But at this current moment while hearing how nice and sophisticated everything looks, you definitely are on cloud nine and all you can think of is – “yes, it was worth it!”

But what is the key to get a home décor that will enchant everyone who gets to enjoy its charms? Balance! Combining carefully thought-out design ideas with quality materials and several statement pieces will definitely make you and your guests sigh out of admiration. Whether it is large mural wall art, wallpapers, dazzling lighting solutions, or statement chairs and sofas, all these decorative pieces can create the perfectly balanced interior design. And speaking of breathtaking ideas to make your home heaven-like from a designer’s point of view, mural wall art is the ultimate way to spice up the dull look of your white walls.


Create A Special Effect

Want to have the latest trend of brick or wood paneled walls that will not cost you an arm and a leg? Here come to the rescue the special effects of mural wall art. There are tons of different types that mimic different kinds of materials, so you can easily find the one that matches your entire interior design. But to make their effect more noticeable, just remember that sometimes “less is more”; so, make sure you do not overdo the entire home with this type of wall art.

Add Width With Horizontal Stripes

If you want to create an illusion of width, wallpapers with horizontal stripes can create this and trick the eye that a small room is bigger than it really is. Similarly, vice-versa, vertical stripes can create quite the opposite effect – creating a higher ceiling room.

Create A Striking Contrast

If you love making a statement about how good of a taste you got, opt for some bright colours that will instantly lift the atmosphere. However, if the colours you choose are too bright, do not use them on their own – meaning, tone them down a little bit for a more beautiful effect. For instance, if you love yellow, tone down the zesty lemon yellow with a darker shade of teal on another wall. Here’s a tip from famous Australian designers – go with brighter colours in hallways, bedrooms and children’s rooms for the ultimate effect.


Choose An Unusual Mural

Bring your imagination to life with real mural wall art. Choose from the thousands of images available at your favourite wall art retailer, or create your own custom-made wall murals for your home or office. They can be small (enough to use them as pieces of decoration), or large enough to cover the whole wall. Just be creative; with the wide variety of mural wall art, the sky is the limit.

Create An Illusion Between Reality And Fantasy

Have some fun with visual mural wall art and create an illusion of being at your favourite destinations worldwide. How about drinking coffee in your room while gazing at the glamour of the Eiffel Tower? A dream come true, right? Dare to make it come true.