Importance Of Pallet Racking Protection: Ensuring Superior Safety

Taking care of your pallet racking systems should be one of the main priorities in order to ensure a long life of your racks and prevent injures and equipment damage. In warehouses, each pallet racking brings a huge potential risks for your and the safety of other employees.

For example, forklifts hitting into pallet racks is a very common case which results in costly equipment and worker injuries. That’s because pallet racking systems are not designed to resist the heavy impacts from forklifts, whether a low or high speed collision. The worst thing that can happen is the complete rack collapsing, which may not only injure all workers around, but require expensive repairs. The best thing is that there are many products that can help you protect your pallet racks from various impacts, not only from forklifts collisions. Therefore, to protect your investment, you need to have the right pallet racking protection.


Proper pallet racking protection is not proper without safety pins. These small protective devices help secure beams to the frame of the racking system. Whether made from steel, plastic or other material, the safety pins help prevent beams from bending or accidentally dislodging during normal loading and unloading tasks. When beams are dislodged, pallets may fall and the racking system may collapse, which means workers might get injured. Therefore, it is very important to use safety pins and meet the regulations of Code of Practice for the installation, design and use of pallet racking systems.

To ensure some free space between the wall and the pallets, you should use push through protectors. These are an important part of proper pallet racking protection, either used in single or double entry racking systems. Push through protectors are usually used to ensure space between double racking pallets for the fire protection system. For reducing the damage caused by impact loads, upright protectors are your best option. Upright protectors are most commonly used for installations with fast moving products, heavy or bulky products to ensure increased safety and longer life.

For maximum pallet racking protection, floor-mounted racking protectors are a must. These protectors do not require a lot of floor space and provide an excellent floor level protection to racking ends. They have a unique design, which allows them to be installed either on the outside or on the inside of racking ends. Floor mounted racking protectors are installed upright and come in various widths and heights to suit any racking model. Floor mounted racking protectors are able to absorb the impacts of forklifts and prevent racking column guards damage.